Sunday, January 29

Editorial ABC: Devaluation of the unions



The unions set themselves a trap yesterday, a demonstration of their state of madness, and of the wear and tear and loss of credibility they suffer through their own fault. Tainted by a lack of childish realism, they had no other occurrence than to appear at the CEOE headquarters to protest to businessmen demanding that wages be raised, in an exhibition of cynicism that is corrosive. When the right governs, crises, power outages, energy poverty, evictions, low wages, precariousness, loss of conciliation, or labor exploitation are always the fault of the Government. On the other hand, when the left governs, and the Executive proves useless in the fight against inflation, the deficit, excessive public spending or debt, the fault lies with the businessmen.

So, it is enough that the usurers who create employment raise their salaries because that alone is social justice. Apart from always behaving like some beggars adored with the Executives of the PSOE -and now Podemos-, and earning large subsidies to survive at the cost of public money, and not the fees of their affiliates, they never hold those parties to account. They always blame others by embezzling reality and compromising their own coherence. Therefore, its devaluation seems irreversible. They are not workers’ unions. They are extensions of the Government that are complicit in the dissemination of massive lies about the defense of labor rights.

There will not be a single Spaniard who does not want a raise in wages. But there is not a single entrepreneur who does not want to produce and earn more to expand his business, his staff and salaries. And all, for the simple reason that this will be the only objective proof that it is doing well and that it is gaining in competitiveness. Who can oppose workers demanding wage increases? It is legitimate and desirable. But therein lies the trap of the unions. In setting its objective on the will of the businessmen and not on their balance sheets and real accounts, which are the ones that the Government boycotts with its chaotic measures and its falsified forecasts. This government does not help the employer, and the unions unjustly criminalize them. At La Moncloa, they go to have coffee with Pedro Sánchez, presumably to celebrate the distribution of misery and demand their share of European funds to carry out reforms in their headquarters. And instead, to the CEOE they are going to spread their hypocrisy.

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If unions analyze their membership volume, they need to be concerned. Its crisis is not only due to the evolution of the times. Influenced by its unconditional support for separatism, the decline of its royal weight and its episodes of corruption. With the left in power there is never a reason for a general strike, but with much more favorable economic conditions, always, undoubtedly, they end up calling them against the governments of the PP. The unions have renounced their essential role in defense of rights and freedoms to become the protagonists of an unbridled sectarianism. His, furthermore, is a demonstrative message of weakness. They appear to be mobilizing to demolish the labor reform – that is their story – when in reality they agree with the CEOE on approaches like the one that took place yesterday in the negotiation. Consensus is responsible, but without cynicism. His message also reveals nerves, such as those demonstrated by Yolanda Díaz when she said that the right may win, but not govern, because the troubled streets will not allow it. Demonstrating with businessmen was not a warning. It was just a test of what they really want: that no one has a second truce when Sánchez leaves power.

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