Monday, September 27

Editorial ABC: Experts in aggravating problems



It is paradoxical that the meeting of the Interterritorial Committee of the National Health System called for today – just after the San José bridge – has been considered “urgent”, according to the department headed by Carolina Darias. Four days after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) did so, the Minister of Health and the regional councilors are summoned to confirm, without any haste, that the AstraZeneca vaccine does not carry risks to public health and, secondly , Redefining the Target Groups of Oxford University Treatment. Until this Wednesday – according to the calendar managed by Health and its Interterritorial Committee, marked by urgency and holiday bridges – the administration of this vaccine cannot be resumed, paralyzed by a spiral of panic, misinformation and unilateral measures reminiscent of regulatory chaos early stages of the pandemic. European countries that, like Spain, interrupted the immunization process with vials from these laboratories due to fear of adverse reactions returned last week and without further delay to administer them: Germany did so last Friday, and also France – with its first Minister at the helm-, like the rest of the EU partners, from Italy to Portugal, passing through Bulgaria. Spain, on the other hand, has preferred to take the San José bridge to calmly reflect on a vaccine that in just a few weeks has passed two consecutive examinations by the European authorities, who did not hesitate to rule out its alleged pathological complications. The criteria of the EMA scientists, however, cannot compete with the opinions of the experts -now territorial delegates, depending on the state of alarm- who, since the time of Salvador Illa, draw up the Health strategy to free their holders of all responsibility.

With less than 9 percent of the Spanish population immunized, any delay in the administration of the few available vaccines only prolongs the health crisis and the economic agony that accompanies it. Europe has been naive in trusting pharmaceutical laboratories that since last January have not been able to fulfill their contracts, either due to logistical limitations or commercial traps that the Community Parliament should investigate to purge responsibilities and, where appropriate, demand repairs. To this episode of shortages, which makes it impossible to comply with vaccination plans as possible as those of Pedro Sánchez, is added the lack of reflections from the Ministry of Health, whose ’emergency’ meetings represent an offense for patients waiting for vials and businesses that rely on the progressive immunity of the herd to make them sustainable.

If during Salvador Illa’s stage in the Ministry of Salvador Illa, his ghostly experts were used to camouflage the arbitrariness of his decisions – purely political, when not in front of communities such as Madrid -, with Carolina Darias the responsibility falls on an autonomous committee that, with identical political instrumentality, it serves to wash his hands. So much hygiene has consequences, very serious for those who suffer the rigors of the pandemic and for more than a year they have been waiting and demanding responsibility and urgency from those who assumed the task of deciding based on the general interest, without wasting time that it translates into lives, human and economic.

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