Wednesday, January 19

Editorial ABC: First notice for Sánchez



The Madrid elections yesterday threw an incontestable victory for the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who will be able to reissue her government even with the abstention of Vox. Ayuso not only doubled the number of seats she had, going from 30 to 65, but she alone surpassed the entire left. His victory also served to give a liberal-conservative knock to the hate speech promoted by the left during the poorest and most Cainite campaign in memory. And it was also the majority endorsement of a political management based on freedom in the face of authoritarian interventionism and ideological revenge. With these results, the lowering of taxes to Madrid has been rewarded and, above all, the ability to successfully reconcile the security-health binomial in the midst of a pandemic. Even these elections are called to be an indication of the reunification of the right: if not a reconciliation in the short term, because the differences between the PP and Vox and between their leaders are eloquent, it does aim to create at least a first emotional connection between their constituencies.

Second, the elections represent a severe warning to Pedro Sánchez because they have not been based exclusively on the unusual pull of Ayuso. Analyzing it like this would be incomplete because the message of hundreds of thousands of Madrid is punishing Sánchez, even if the PSOE wants to attribute the disastrous result to something temporary. Even More Madrid has surpassed him as a second force. Madrid has been the confirmation of the brutal erosion that Sánchez and his coalition with Podemos are experiencing, and the result will necessarily have repercussions in a legislature in which the nationalist and separatist partners of the PSOE will take note of the growing weakness of La Moncloa. When he got to vote, Sánchez was greeted with boos and insults. At the conclusion, he did not even resort to the cliché of wishing his candidate success. He simply boasted about the good vaccination figures, forgetting that the rallies had ended on Saturday. Sánchez is a consummate master of deception, but the setback for the PSOE is absolute and not all the fault of his worst historical result is Gabilondo. Madrid is today the economic engine of Spain and its citizens know that the PSOE’s propaganda apparatus has broken down, that the vaccination rate is slow, and that aid from Europe is still in the air because Moncloa sends a good message to Brussels and another opaque and false to the Spanish. Sánchez’s half-truths have made him the true catalyst for a fed up and reactive right-wing voter.

The elections were also frustrating, if not the finishing touch, for the two parties that only a few years ago embodied the ‘new politics’. Ciudadanos, from the political center, has verified how the ideological tension and the leadership without credibility of Inés Arrimadas are ending up deactivating him as a political alternative. The immense part of its electorate has returned to the PP and its hinge formation script vanishes. In turn, Pablo Iglesias has barely contributed three seats to the seven that Podemos already had. His political and media star finally sold out last night as a result of his many mistakes, his inconsistencies and his demagogic excess. Iglesias created Podemos, and Iglesias has dynamited it, so that the process of substitution on the extreme left at the hands of Más Madrid is already a reality. And Vox, still on the rise despite Ayuso’s influence on the right, has once again garnered another electoral success with 13 seats indicating that it has not yet peaked. With Ciudadanos struck down and Podemos in decline, Vox and Más Madrid win points before a hypothetical general election. And all, with two favorable additions for the right: first, that while the Citizens variable disappears, the reinforcement of Pablo Casado and Santiago Abascal is notorious; and second, that Sánchez does not drag a single vote from Podemos.

If the PSOE believes that this disaster is only attributable to Ayuso, it will be wrong. They have voted against his management of the pandemic, against the fear of recession, against the infantilism with which Sánchez treats public opinion, and against the official mantras of the left because the complex to replicate his civil war has already been lost. . Sánchez must ask himself if he has not been penalized for the abuse of governing by decree, the six months of alarm on a whim, the harassment of the judiciary, its sectarian education law, the pathetic tricks of the CIS or euthanasia. Madrid should be the first step for Sánchez to leave La Moncloa as soon as possible.

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