Tuesday, April 20

Editorial ABC: More vaccines, less sectarianism



Mass vaccination is the essential condition to overcome the Covid-19 health crisis and begin a true recovery, without more makeup or failed announcements, of economic and social activity. Any partisan debate or political decision about the pandemic that does not aim to vaccinate the largest number of citizens in the shortest time possible is not only a waste of time, but a risk to the health of millions of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the slow administration of vaccines in Europe is “unacceptable.” It is not that the voice of the WHO has an unquestionable authority in these times, but it is true that its judgment on Europe – specifically, continental Europe – confirms a reality in plain sight. The policy of centralizing purchases through Brussels was reasonable for economic and logistical reasons, but the delays of the pharmaceutical companies in the production of their vaccines have caused desertions in that common policy, with European Union countries that are already evaluating the purchase of doses of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V. If April is not really the month of the mass distribution of ‘Western’ vaccines, the sanitary and geopolitical prejudices against the Russian vaccine will end up facing the real needs to eradicate a virus that grows in most of the European soil. The Spanish Government is not responsible for the pharmaceutical companies not meeting their delivery deadlines, but it is responsible for maintaining an incoherent discourse with this situation of delays in the administration of vaccines. It makes no sense for Sánchez to continue insisting that 70 percent of the Spanish population will be vaccinated in the summer. Such a commitment can only be made by a ruler who has the decision-making power concentrated in his hands – and not seventeen regional governments – and who has the capacity to decide or influence the production of vaccines. The former does not have it because the Government has renounced the sole command in this phase of the pandemic and it lacks the latter because, among other reasons, it has been erased from the international arena, including the European one. What the Government could have done is to have supported the research projects of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, led by retired and unvaccinated scientists, supported by partly precarious and, above all, poorly funded personnel.

The vaccination policy should be a State and State policy, but, before public opinion, it resembles a competition between autonomous communities and has been degraded into a thrown weapon of the left against the Madrid government, in which it does not There is not even the ridiculous criticism of the undersecretary of Defense for the time she had to wait to be vaccinated at the Wanda Metropolitano. What should be noted is the purpose of Iglesias to close the Isabel Zendal Hospital, the watchword of the Madrid Government’s health policy and an example of the personal determination of its president in the fight against Covid-19. It does not seem that Iglesias will have the opportunity to show if his bravado is serious, but for the voters of Madrid it is a declaration of intent that the champion of social causes wants to close the hospital where thousands of people are vaccinated a day and dozens of Covid-19 patients are cured without going through the ICU. All public administrations must commit to a pact of loyalty, without further prejudice or sectarianism, so that April is really the month for vaccination to take off, with all the resources at its disposal, such as military and private healthcare. If this is a war against the virus, there is no one left to win it.

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