Wednesday, December 1

Editorial ABC: The Marketing Conference



Pedro Sánchez’s attempt to capitalize on the Conference of Autonomous Presidents held this Thursday in Salamanca with his announcement of the acquisition of more than three million new vaccines, and his commitment to deliver 55 percent of European funds to the communities, was insufficient . In fact, the conference ended with a memorial of grievances between communities to which the autonomies of the PP were not alien, but neither were some of the PSOE, who continue to see in the privileges with which Sánchez rewards Catalonia and the Basque Country an abuse without precedents. Sánchez had kept several aces up his sleeve and tried to surprise the many autonomies that have been complaining about the decreasing flow of vaccines with an announcement that he could well have made known before to agree on a minimum agenda for the appointment. But it did not. Everything is based on that typical propaganda conception of governing, even without Iván Redondo already in La Moncloa, which allows him to remove rabbits from the hat without realizing that they no longer have effect. Acquiring vaccines is their obligation, among other reasons because the fifth wave of the pandemic has portrayed all the organizational and legislative deficiencies of the Government. Nor did he want to advance before the conference that he was going to give 10,500 million of European funds to the autonomies because his only claim is to obtain striking headlines. And in that, La Moncloa has not yet realized that the strategy has stopped renting Sánchez. The boos that the Prime Minister received again as soon as he stepped on the street, in contrast to the praise and cheers of support for the King in Salamanca, show that his Government, despite having been renewed, is in decline. Even reducing his public agenda to the limit, Sánchez does not get less popular disapproval. What happened this Thursday in the streets of Salamanca is eloquent.

Sánchez’s intention of endowing the Conference of Presidents with high political content was unsuccessful. There is not a single autonomy that does not already know its marketing trilero skills, and it was striking to observe regional PSOE presidents biting their tongues at the evidence that the Generalitat of Catalonia will get a good slice of the European rescue cake without them not even Pere Aragonès attended the conference. His institutional contempt is notorious and, nevertheless, together with the Lendakari Urkullu, he is the great beneficiary of the conspiracy devised by Sánchez. Aragonès held the presidents’ conference from Geneva, Switzerland, embracing a fugitive from Spanish Justice. And Urkullu only came after guaranteeing more than 200 million additional euros in transfers started at La Moncloa at the last minute. Sánchez is as sensitive to the blackmail of nationalist separatism as he is insensitive to the needs of the rest of the autonomies. That is why Isabel Díaz Ayuso threatened not to attend more conferences of this type if this exclusive attitude is maintained. The asymmetry in treatment, in financial justice and in political attention is evident.

Sánchez is wrong, but he still does not seem to have understood that the autonomies are decisive pieces in the equation of economic recovery. And to propose the summit as a swallow so that the communities go through the ring of La Moncloa if they want to receive European funds has a lot of extortion. Politics need not necessarily be autocratic. But Sánchez has not yet discovered that winning gold medals without humbly considering the social rejection it generates is absurd.

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