Thursday, December 9

Editorial ABC: Young people without a social shield



Before his summer break, the last two appearances of the Prime Minister have coincided, and not by chance, with the publication of the statistics of the EPA and the SEPE, on a quarterly and monthly basis, respectively, and in both cases very positive for a labor market that is recovering from the impact left by the restrictions of the pandemic, still partially active in sectors as relevant to the economy as leisure and hospitality. As in the vaccination process, the other variable that, along with the predictable growth of GDP and employment, Pedro Sánchez uses to showcase his achievements to public opinion, triumphalism and the absence of self-criticism are devastating. For the first time, Spain surpassed Greece last spring in the community rates of youth unemployment, with 37 percent, a figure that more than doubled the European average (17 percent) and that places our country at the top of the ‘ranking ‘vulnerability in a sector of the population that is key to planning any future, whether economic or purely social. To proclaim the virtues of the ‘shield’ that, inspired by United We Can, the Government deployed last year on the labor victims of the pandemic is nothing more than a perverse cover-up maneuver at this juncture. The problem of youth unemployment, of a structural nature in Spain, long before the emergence of the Covid and even the arrival of Sánchez and his partners to La Moncloa, is not resolved with demagoguery, but with reforms.

It has been precisely the discrediting campaign launched from the first hour by the Executive against any adjustment, identified with a policy of cuts of an ultra-liberal nature and harmful to workers, which binds the Government hand and foot when it comes to examining conscience and responsibly propose a reform that in his populist discourse was always interpreted as an attack on the most disadvantaged. The ‘reversal of rights’ that, conceived as a plan to disqualify the reforms of Mariano Rajoy’s team, was set as a horizon by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez prevents him from acting now with the rigor and gravity required by the situation of more than one third of the Spanish youth. The clientelism that the left offers through benefits and subsidies as a lifeline for its own economic policies is a trap that only contributes to multiplying misery and that Spain can no longer afford. The European Union squeezes the Government in this regard, conditioning the disbursement of recovery funds to the development of reforms that do not appear anywhere and that, on the contrary, have been replaced by a discourse, already unsustainable, that does not stop pointing to the adjustments of the previous Executive of the PP as responsible for all the evils, present and future.

If the reform of our pension model, barely made up by José Luis Escrivá’s department, is still pending to avoid the bankruptcy of the national economy, the revision of the labor market, the drastic and progressive reduction of youth unemployment and the increase in contributions in the age groups that enter the world of work they are equally urgent. There is an excess of welfare populism, a lack of will to renounce counter-reformist dogmas and, hand in hand with the bosses and the educational system, a school of effort in which today we learn to pass the course without sacrifice or stigma, it is urgent to open the economy to liberalizing formulas , oblivious to the impoverishing interventionism that the Government covertly preaches and closely monitors Brussels.

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