Thursday, July 7

Editorial: Excuses for not supporting the ‘BBB’

Senator Joe Manchin said he will not vote for Build Back Better.

LEIGH VOGEL / AFP / Getty Images

The federal Senate closed its session in 2021 without the long-awaited law to help families, invest in renewable resources and strengthen the health system. The rejection of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin appears to deal the final blow to the most ambitious proposal in decades to update the social network.

It is outrageous that precisely one Democratic legislator is the one who dashes the hope of millions of voters who backed President Joe Biden and his agenda. It is reprehensible, but not strange, that a legislator from a conservative state like West Virginia turns his back on his party when it wants to make a strategy to raise the level of middle-income households.

The money for the infrastructure for the roads received the endorsement of Manchin, but not the human one. The pillars that support the bridges will have the necessary resources to continue in operation for many years. Instead, those pillars on which the economic competitiveness and future of the United States will be sustained are treated as an unattainable luxury.

The strong foundations of a workforce are built from daycare, kindergarten, and preschool programs with trained teachers. With an absence from work benefit with payment for family matters. A tax credit for people with low incomes and expansion in the school area.

Existing benefits die without approval of the Biden Build Back Better (BBB) ​​package of measures. For example, the child tax credit disappearing instead of being extended during 2022 as Biden wants has serious consequences.

It is estimated that 10 million minors will fall below the poverty level without the extension of the tax credit. Manchin and the Republicans who supported the Infrastructure Act are the ones today taking the pillar away from America’s future that depends on the children of today.

The Build Back Better package has 811,000 million dollars for families, 495,000 million to reduce dependence on energy sources that destroy the planet with global warming, 401,000 million to strengthen the health system, 166,000 million for the crisis of living place.

It is unfortunate that the immigration proposal within the package has been rejected on technicalities. Immigration reform can no longer be blamed for the failure of an investment plan that benefits all Americans today and tomorrow.

Democratic Senator Manchin, like Republicans, argue that the $ 1.7 trillion spending is too high in the face of the new Covid outbreak, inflation and the deficit. They are just excuses for those who do not think about any of that when cutting taxes for the wealthiest.

It is an irresponsible attitude because in the future the high price of a poorly calculated savings of the present is charged.

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