Wednesday, August 4

Edmundo Bal: “The PP has opened its box and will pay whatever it takes to buy people from Ciudadanos” | Spain

The Citizens’ leadership tries to stop the accelerated disintegration process in which the formation lives immersed after the failure of the motion of censure in Murcia – thanks to three defected deputies – and the undisguised opa of the Popular Party towards their public positions, supported from within by some prominent figures, such as the former secretary of the Organization Fran Hervías, who on Saturday announced his move to the PP. This Sunday, the deputy spokesman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has openly accused the PP of corruption: “The PP wants to buy wills, it wants to buy people, they have opened their box and they are willing to pay whatever it takes to buy people from Citizens ”.

Bal has once again been in charge of facing society this Sunday while the party leader, Inés Arrimadas, prepares the executive meeting scheduled for this Monday, which is expected to be stormy, and which could certify the departure of other leaders towards the popular ranks. “These mafia behaviors that we have seen in Murcia want to extend them to all of Spain. We have made mistakes, but we have not committed crimes ”, accused Bal in an intervention from the party headquarters.

After the fiasco of the Murcian motion with the PSOE – from which three Cs deputies backed down after the regional president, the popular Fernando López Miras, included them as advisers in his Government – and the expulsion of Citizens from the Government of Madrid after the surprise electoral advance of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the liberal formation still governs in coalition with the PP in Andalusia and Castilla y León.

The apparent implosion of Cs, which some leaders consider a definitive wound and others try to see as an opportunity to rid themselves of opportunist elements and return to the centrist positions left by Albert Rivera, accelerated late on Saturday with the departure of Senator Fran You boiled. In a letter on Twitter, he accused Inés Arrimadas of being a “crutch of sanchismo” and recovered the expression of “the gang” – coined by Rivera – to refer to the Government. Immediately afterwards, in an interview in The worldHervías, who belonged to Rivera’s hard core and managed the organic springs, announced his signing for the PP, after leaving the seat, to join the team of the popular secretary general, Teodoro García Egea.

Hervías supposedly contributed to dynamiting from within Ciudadanos the motion of censure in Murcia and moving the forces of this formation in the region towards the Popular Party. The former liberal senator allegedly contributed, through another senator, Emilio Argüeso, to the three deputies of Ciudadanos withdrawing their signature of the motion of censure against López Miras in exchange for a position in his government, according to information from The Spanish. Both Hervías and García Egea deny such maneuvers. The regional coordinator of Citizens in Murcia, Ana Martínez Vidal, who would have been the regional president if the motion of censure had not failed, yesterday accused Hervías of being “behind the defectors.”

The meeting of the executive of Cs this Monday, claimed by several regional leaders, such as the Andalusian Juan Marín, the Valencian Toni Cantó or the Madrid Begoña Villacís, is preceded by a strong internal and environmental storm surge. Yesterday, former leaders of the critical sector with Arrimadas, such as Senator Ruth Goñi, the Aragonese deputy Susana Gaspar or the deputy spokesperson in the Parliament of Extremadura, Marta Pérez, came out in defense of Hervías. More forceful were former heavyweights of the training in the time of Albert Rivera, such as the exporter Juan Carlos Girauta, who gave the “congratulations” to the PP for the signing of Hervías, or the former deputy Marcos de Quinto, who claimed Cs that this Monday “There are real answers and no arguments”.

Other charges, such as the spokesman in the Cortes of Aragon, Daniel Pérez Calvo, came out in defense of Arrimadas and expressed his “comforting feeling of liberation” when he saw how the party “finally begins to release ballast.” “Rome does not pay traitors, Genoa does,” he said. In this line of support for the leader, other members of the executive such as deputies Miguel Gutiérrez or Sara Giménez or the municipal spokesperson in Barcelona, ​​Luz Guilarte, spoke. In front of them, other leaders such as Juan Marín, Begoña Villacís, Toni Cantó or the former councilor of the Community of Madrid Marta Rivera are silent.

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