Thursday, December 2

Education gives 15 days to school without authorization to close Primary

The conselleria acted after the Parents’ complaint to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and to the Government delegation. The parents discovered this deficiency when one of them transferred their son’s enrollment and records to another school and informed him that La Monsina did not appear in the Education management system for these teachings. The management and property of the center, greatly affected by the complaint and the actions of the Generalitat, continues without making a public statement – despite the attempts made yesterday by this newspaper. Meanwhile, the tension in the educational community of the center is increasing because an important group of affected parents demands that the management keep their children in school, which would jeopardize all their future activity.

It was the General Directorate of Educational Centers that sent this request to La Monsina with a deadline of 15 days to stop primary school students. In this document, it is indicated verbatim that “in the event of not doing so within the granted period, the appropriate file of termination of the authorization will be initiated by express revocation due to non-compliance with the teachings for which it was authorized.” That is, it would withdraw the only authorization it has, that of Children’s. If the revocation resolution is given, as soon as it is final, the General Directorate of Centers will notify the Callosa de Segura City Council. Education clarifies that the administrative authorization granted by the Ministry «It is an essential requirement to function as a private educational center »However, those who have the powers to allow the opening and order its closure are the municipalities, granting or withdrawing the activity license.

Families pay for their children’s schooling at this school a monthly fee of 290 euros and 120 dining room, plus 200 tuition. Parents and students have spent two weeks of the normality of the day to day of a school known since its opening for the spectacular design of its main building, to receive notifications from the municipalities in which they reside so that they can proceed to school their children in schools in their municipalities. Some have been taken through the Local Police and in other cases it has been the technical social assistants of the municipalities -the students come from 13 municipalities of the Vega Baja- who have contacted the parents to guide this hasty schooling, for which Education has offered places in schools supported with public funds. Meanwhile, parents try to avoid the impact that the change of school will have on their children with the advanced course. Many students do not know any other school than La Monsina, where they have attended since the Infantile stage. The decision also affects five teachers.

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