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Education owes 7 million to the centers for anticovid measures and basic expenses

The initial supply of material against the covid is insufficient

The initial supply of material against the covid is insufficient

Education owes to colleges and institutes of the province approximately 7 million euros that they have previously disbursed in order to have material and hygienic measures against coronavirus, together with the basic operating expenses of those who have not received a euro yet since the course began.

The two months late in payments for electricity and water in the institutes, and for the operation of the dining rooms with students mostly with scholarships in the case of the schools, derive in a situation that is aggravated by the expenses that the centers have previously made this course to adapt the facilities to the pandemic, and havethe necessary hygiene material in all classrooms and spaces intended for this use in order to maintain the distances required by Health among students.

Schools and secondary institutes consulted throughout the province affirm have spent an average of 7,000 euros so far to carry out both urgent reforms to accommodate students this course, as well as to have the necessary amount of hydroalcoholic gel.

In the province there are 380 schools and 143 institutes, Therefore, for the concept of the covid Education measures, it currently owes more than 3 million euros to the centers and another as many for the two monthly payments that it has not remitted as operating expenses.

From the Secondary centers with the longest standing in their facilities, they indicate that the expenses derived from the covid, added to the reforms and repair of continuous damages, are taking practically the entire budget this year, and warn that they start to need funds because they no longer receive what they have saved from other years.

The schools that are having a worse time, because they are the smallest or have fewer students who stay to eat without the Education grant, -because in the absence of this grant, which is also owed, the rest of the families are the ones who they provide income to the center-, they corroborate that the continuous replacement of disinfection measures already requires the receipt of the money committed by the Ministry for these expenses. They assure in some cases that the masks have to be bought by the teachers because the little surplus they have is needed to replace possible damage suffered by the masks of the students at any given time.

They even abound that they have had to buy more thermometers than those provided by the conselleria to take the temperature daily. Although the directors consulted admit that everything comes from the same place, which are the Education budgets, this course there are centers that are needing to receive the resources already for the extra expenses made against the covid.

CSIF delegates demand more money for the centers

This was claimed yesterday before the headquarters of Education in Valencia by the delegates of the teachers of the CSIF union, who at the request for “masks, ventilation filters for centers and operating costs” For the educational centers, they add in their protest the “non-payments to the management teams, especially serious in the current course, because those affected work on the contingency plans and day-to-day security measures in their centers, in addition to their teaching tasks , without charging the complement of their responsibility “, as specified by Javier Mas.

From the Ministry of Education they confirm that of the 9.9 million euros approved as an extra fund this course, so that all the centers of the Community can face the covid-19, the province corresponds to 3.8 million. “The processing of this payment has already been carried out and it has been sent to the Ministry of Finance, with the request that the payment be managed urgently as far as possible”, they specify from the department directed by the minister, Vicent Marzà.

Education recalls, on the other hand, that since the course began it has distributed among the schools and institutes of the province «more than 1 million masks -60,300 for teachers, more than 696,000 for students, 290,000 surgical, and more than 3,000 with filters for risk personnel-; in addition to 30,700 liters of hydroalcoholic gel in half-liter bottles, almost 2,000 face shields for teachers, 47,000 pairs of nitrile gloves, and nearly 14,000 thermometers.

For next year another 5 million euros is planned in the Education budgets “for the replacement of all this individual protection material” destined for all centers at the regional level.

They «accelerate» the payment of the semester before December

Education admits that the last income that schools have received “corresponds to the month of August”, but the next payment is contemplated “for the first semester” of the course “that has not yet finished”, they specify. However, they add that “we are working to speed up the processing of payment for this four-month period before the end of December.”

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