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Education requires to compete for a C1 of Valenciano different from the one certified by the UA

«I have used my effort, my work and my money taking the corresponding subjects to acquire the C1 level of Valenciano at the University of Alicante, and now I find a lot of incongruities. The conselleria says one thing and the UA another. I feel lost, helpless and outraged, and it is not fair that they play with us in this way. María Ángeles González, graduated in Infants from the UA, is one of the around half a thousand affected, according to data from the CSIF union, facing the next Secondary competitions, because to apply they need the C1 certificate or take the prior test knowledge of Valenciano.

This teacher obtained at the same time the Valencian training with a C1 level, but the Ministry does not certify the C1, only the training.

From the Linguistic Service of the UA, the person in charge, Ferrán Isabel, assures questions from this newspaper that both the UA and the universities of Valencia and Jaume I of Castellón are “waiting for the Ministry to respond to the homologation of the C1, they have it on the table and its delay generates doubts and uncertainty. The administration should be more agile to avoid damage and we trust that the resolution is positive so that the discomfort is forgotten as soon as possible.

In turn, he maintains that the training given at the UA to certify the C1 «is the ideal one. The students received instruction from Valenciano and Valenciano, and studied the four language skills. From our point of view it is ideal ”, he emphasizes, encouraging the graduates to take the exam while waiting for such approval.

However, from the Ministry led by the Minister Vicent Marzà they emphasize that “the Faculty of Education of the UA should not have issued a training certificate in Valenciano without having the C1, although half of the credits of the degree have been taken in this language” .

They abound that the only way to obtain the C1 is to be examined by the Qualifying Board or by the specific tests convened by universities, including the UA, but through the interuniversity commission CieaCova, although they also admit that the three aforementioned universities and the general direction Language Policy Department “are working on a formula that allows students who pass the necessary training to automatically access C1 in Valenciano.” This position of Education opens the door to a solution, but starting next year. To date, “the three universities must present a common C1 accreditation proposal that combines teaching in Valencian and teaching knowledge” about the language. Thus, those affected who have the training can present it as a merit to compete, but if they do not have the C1 certificate they must take the Valenciano test before the opposition that begins on May 15, because it is a requirement.

He came back

On the other hand, the rectors and the Councilor for Universities agreed yesterday to resume face-to-face classes starting on March 1, after having worked online this February due to the evolution of the pandemic.

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