Sunday, September 26

Education | The pass rate in the exams rises two points in the January call at the UMU

The academic data show a slight increase in participation in the January exams organized by the University of Murcia (UMU), since 4,164 more evaluations were carried out than last year, the pass rate rises from 76.97% to 78.46% and the average note increases one tenth and a half.

The effort made by teachers and students during the first semester is reflected in this improvement in academic performance. The full report can be consulted on the web page dedicated to information on the coronavirus of the University of Murcia. This is the executive report presented this Friday by the rector team of the University of Murcia (UMU) at the meeting of the Governing Council, according to sources from the educational institution in a statement.

It is a document on the development of the January exam session in which the participation data, academic performance and all the logistics developed so that this call could be carried out are presented. within a reduced and safe classroom environment, as all activity has been developing in the institution since the beginning of this academic year.

The executive report values ​​the enormous collaboration of the teaching staff, administration and services staff and students so that this call was carried out, as well as its result, since no contagion was recorded fruit of the academic activity developed in the buildings of the UMU. Likewise, the efforts of the surveillance and cleaning services that were expanded during this period stand out.

In a different vein, the general secretary, Francisco Antonio González, presented the new regulations of the Student Council (CEUM) that have been updated and in which procedures have been simplified. The regulations for the processing and approval of agreements and general protocols of action of the university and the new regulations of the Faculty of Social Work were also presented and approved.

The Vice-Rector for Quality, Culture and Communication, for his part, reported the need to carry out online satisfaction surveys of the teaching activity, as has been done in the first semester of this course. It also reported Aneca’s approval at the beginning of the docentiUM faculty evaluation procedure (in its pilot phase). In addition, the process of public debate will begin, leading to the modification of the questionnaires with which teaching activity is measured at the University of Murcia.

In matters of Studies, the implementation of the joint programming of official studies the degree in Primary Education, mention in Physical Education, and the degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences to be developed in the faculties of Education and Sports Sciences.

Regarding Teaching Staff, they were approved various places to cover retirements produced in various areas of knowledge and to replace temporary casualties. Among other issues, the call for aid for infrastructure internships, inventory, fungible and internship transfers for 2021, processed through the Office of the Vice President for Infrastructure Planning, was approved.

The Vice-Rector for Employment, Entrepreneurship and Society, Alicia Rubio, presented the general action protocols signed with the National Association for the Roma Presence and with the Paris Chamber of Commerce, also reporting on the creation of the Interuniversity Chair of the Innovation Ecosystem of the Region of Murcia.

The Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Digital University, Pedro Miguel Ruiz, presented a report on the execution of the Information Technology project portfolio in 2020.

For her part, the Vice-Rector for Research and Internationalization reported on the participation of the University of Murcia in the call of the Ministry of Science and Innovation within the Complementary R + D + i Plan within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Manager presented the ‘Smart Campus’ project, as a great commitment of the Spanish university led by the University of Murcia for the transformation of the university campuses in sustainable, energy efficient and digitally developed environments.

In addition, the rector, Jose Luján informed, at the beginning of the Governing Council, of his recent appointment as President of the Sectorial Commission for Student Affairs of CRUE Spanish Universities, for which he has been congratulated by several members of the Council. The rector congratulated all the members of the university community who have received awards and distinctions in recent weeks. Likewise, he congratulated the Faculties of Labor Sciences and Communication and Documentation for the institutional accreditation they have received from ANECA.

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