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Education will apply the most advanced international VET model in 15 centers in the province

The general direction of FP wants the new method to be implemented in all cycles through training and the generation of networks that allow the sharing of experiences. The student assessment system will also undergo a transformation to be more inclusive. The directors who have participated in the meeting held in the Civic and Youth Center of Elda they consider the initiative “very interesting.” Among other reasons, because it will generate a radical methodological change in Vocational Training that is much more in line with the demands of the labor market, the business community and today’s society.

Elda hosts the first meeting of teachers and directors in charge of executing the pilot program of the Ministry


In the Valencian Community there are 34 pilot public centers attached to this advanced line and 15 of them belong to the province of Alicante. Specifically, the CIPFP Valle de Elda and the IES La Torreta, from Elda; the IES Navarro Santafé, from Villena; the IES Leonardo Da Vinci and Cavanilles, of Alicante; the IES San Vicent and the CIPFP Canastell, from San Vicente del Raspeig; the CIPFP Batoi and the IES Cotes Baixes, from Alcoy; the IES Macià Albela and Canónigo Manchón, from Crevillent; the IES El Palmeral, from Orihuela; the IES La Torreta and Severo Ochoa, from Elche; and the IES Mare Nostrum, in Torrevieja.

Innovatec is one of the four programs included in the red Innovate of innovative educational centers in VET. It has an investment that can reach a maximum of 1,200,000 euros per year -50,000 euros per center- which in the Valencian Community will allow it to reach about 52 institutes. The objective, as explained Manuel Gomicia, ands implement digitization, the technologies applied to all vocational vocational families, collaborative learning based on projects or other innovative methodologies that, together with future technological trends to be implemented in production processes, will make it possible to improve personal, social and student professionals. This program is now in the implementation phase and the day that has been held this Thursday in Elda, and the one that will take place this Friday in Valencia, is the beginning of the sharing of the instructions that the Innovatec program centers have received for deploy this type of active learning methodologies. Six of them -the CIPFP Canastell of San Vicente del Raspeig, IES Severo Ochoa of Elche and the IES José Antonio Cavanilles of Alicante- have carried out a face-to-face training in the Tknika of the Basque Country and the rest have done it in the Valencian Community, at through a specialized company.

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Tknika It is a center promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Professional Training of the Department of Education of the Basque Government that has become a state reference in research and innovation applied in VET. Through networking, and with the involvement of professional training teachers, Tknika, which follows the most advanced models in the world, develops innovation projects related to technology, training and management fields. The two groups of centers, both those that have been trained in the Basque Country and those that have been trained in the Valencian Community, have met in Elda to exchange everything they have learned since next year they will have to apply the new methodology in their centers.

The meeting was opened by the mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfaro, and by the general director Manuel Gomicia. During his speech, the Elder councilor welcomed all the teachers and explained that “from the local government we have opted for the consolidation of an attractive and wide VET offer”. In fact, at the moment four Eldenses institutes offer 44 training cycles that will have the next course with more than 2,200 students. “Connecting vocational training with companies and focusing the educational offer on their needs has been our main challenge for years,” said Alfaro, thanking the trust placed by the Ministry of Education.

Alfaro claims innovation and talent to advance

The mayor of Elda has been grateful to the Department “for betting on the city for a meeting that highlights the importance of FP.” Alfaro has highlighted the Eldense business fabric with about 4,000 companies, of which 589 correspond to the industrial sector and 70% belong to the leather and footwear industry. For the first mayor, “Elda’s business power has fostered the presence of an ecosystem that favors talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of ideas.” And that is, for Alfaro, the way forward.

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