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Education will offer 1,200 places to make interim permanent

Technical table in which the estimate of the number of stabilization places has been presented. / Today

Unions demand legal certainty and a coordinated process with other communities

Education today held a technical table in which union representatives have been presented with an estimate of the number of places that will be offered under the law on measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment.

The General Director of Teaching Personnel of the Board, Ana Martín, has indicated that next week a sectoral table will take place in which this offer will be closed.

As established by national regulations, the job offer must be published before June 1 of this year, the call must take place before December 31 and the entire process must be resolved before the end of 2024. The objective is that the interim rate is below 8%, a figure that is currently close in the body of teachers, while in certain specialties it is 0%.

Competition procedure

Of the 1,200 places offered, 1,100 will be through the competition procedure, for which only the merits will have to be provided, and barely a hundred will be through competitive examination, which will require an exam.

Jesús Díaz, from the CSIF union, has valued the work of the regional Administration for the study carried out for the offer. “There are many places and we are going to see how the procedure is resolved,” he indicated. In this sense, he has demanded legal certainty and that there be coordination with other autonomous communities for the celebration of the different phases.

Education publishes the list with the 6,950 admitted in the exams for teachers in Extremadura

José Manuel Chapado, from the PIDE union, has agreed that the offer is higher than expected. He has also called for coordination to prevent transfers of opponents from one region to another. “If it is not simultaneous and there are 200,000 people who meet the requirements, they could file papers in 17 communities,” he said. That would mean months of paperwork and that the same applicant could get several places in different territories.

Saturnino Acosta, from the Anpe union, has stressed that it is necessary to guarantee the legal certainty of interim workers and has also pointed out that there must be joint work between the autonomous communities. “If there is no coordination and everyone does it exactly the same, there may be an imbalance,” he pointed out.

On the part of CC OO, Lourdes Núñez has pointed out that the high number of vacancies that go on offer shows that year after year the necessary selective processes have not been convened. “Now we are facing a very accelerated process that may lack legal certainty,” she added. Likewise, she has lamented that most of the places go out to contest without agreed criteria. She has also demanded that the evaluation of merits be done first and then the competition-opposition so that the applicants do not have to choose between one system or another.

“Now we are facing a very accelerated process that may suffer from legal certainty”

Finally, Eva González, from UGT, has shown her surprise at the high number of places that will go on public offer. In her opinion, this shows that there were many vacancies saved in Education. Along with this, she has demanded that there be legal certainty in the procedure and that it be carried out as best as possible to avoid errors.

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