Friday, September 17

Educational projects generate a thousand jobs in Elche

The director of Educational Infrastructures and the mayor of Elche, in the work of the IES Vicente Verdú.

Educational investments will generate in Elche a thousand jobs over the next few years. This is what the general director of Educational Infrastructures said yesterday, Victor Garcia, while highlighting that the total investment will exceed 37 million euros, since the City Council of Elche does not stop adding projects to the Building Plan.

This assessment was made during the visit to the works of the IES Vicente Verdú that the Ministry plans to finish during the first quarter of 2022. The works started last July and are currently executed at 12%. The general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor García, yesterday visited the works together with the mayor of Elche, Carlos Gonzalez, and members of the municipal corporation, and highlighted the good pace of the work that will allow, among other things, decongest the IES La Torreta and destroy their barracks. The IES Vicente Verdú project involves an investment of 13.1 million euros, the largest of which is scheduled to be carried out in Elche to date.

The IES Vicente Verdú is one of the two projects that the Ministry is managing directly. The second is the La Paz school. For this reason, the general director of Educational Infrastructures also passed through the district of Torrellano.

The La Paz project has already been drafted and the Council’s forecast is to start the procedures soon to award the works and that they can begin during the summer of 2021. On this same date, Víctor García advanced, it is expected that the work will resume for repair the facade of the IES de Torrellano, with an investment of 409,000 euros.

The Department finalizes the La Paz school project so that the workers can start next summer

During his time in Elche, the general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor García, stressed that the Ministry headed by Vicent Marzà is solving “problems that come from a neglect of more than 20 years by previous governments and that we are now fixing thanks to to the collaboration with the City Council, which is magnificent.

The work necessary to finish the repair of the facade of the IES de Torrellano needs more than 400,000 euros

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, for his part, stressed that the Department and the City Council have made “a great tandem that is giving very good results in the city of Elche. We are solving educational needs that dragged on for many years and that had been overlooked and neglected.

Finished works

Carlos González, in addition to underlining the good progress of the works of the new IES Journalist Vicente Verdú, insisted on the fact that the Edificant Plan for the delegation of powers to city councils “is one of the most important measures that the Generalitat has adopted to favor the resolution of educational problems in municipalities ».

The extension of the classrooms of El Altet makes a hole in the Building Plan

The City Council is putting out to tender the drafting of the project to eliminate barracks in the district of Las Bayas

The needs of schools in the districts They are still on the agendas of the City Council and the Ministry of Education. In this sense, yesterday it was confirmed that the department already has the necessary budget allocation to include the expansion of the Rodolfo Samper school in El Altet in the Building Plan.

This is how the director of Educational Infrastructures transferred it to the municipal representatives during his visit to Elche, to which he advanced that the last procedure for the City Council to work on this project will be managed during the next week.

On the other hand, the City Council, through the local government board, yesterday definitively awarded the drafting of the project for the expansion of the Las Bayas school. This was indicated by the spokesman for the government team, Héctor Díez, who explained that this action is awarded to the architectural firm Santiago Pastor SL for a value of 99,800 euros. “This is a contract that not only involves the drafting of the project, as it includes the management of the works and the terms of guarantee of the same,” said Héctor Díez.

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