Tuesday, June 28

Efraín Ruales: commotion in Ecuador over the murder in broad daylight of the popular 36-year-old presenter

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Efraín Ruales was a popular Ecuadorian television presenter.

The murder in Ecuador of the popular 36-year-old television presenter Efraín Ruales caused such a level of commotion that even President Lenín Moreno gave instructions for “the investigation to proceed with the greatest speed.”

That is what President Moreno said on his Twitter account after the news broke that Ruales had been assassinated this Wednesday while driving his truck down an avenue in the north of Guayaquil.

The police reported that Ruales had received four gunshot wounds and although they did not clarify the motive for the attack, they did. initially ruled out what was itase of a robbery after checking that all his belongings were in the car.

After the news of the death was known, the newspaper El Universo published a video last year in which the presenter denounced having received a death threat for his allegations of corruption.


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