Friday, September 24

Egan Bernal wins the Giro d’Italia: “Cycling gives Colombians a reason to overcome the shame of violence,” says Matt Rendell

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

Egan Bernal

Image source, AFP


Egan Bernal’s victory in Italy comes at a sensitive time for Colombia.

The Colombian Egan Bernal won this Sunday the Giro d’Italia, one of the most important cycling competitions in the world.

When the country experiences a violent social outbreak derived from anti-government protests, the 24-year-old’s victory gives a respite to a shocked society.

Journalist Mark Rendell has spent decades studying Colombian cycling as a phenomenon linked to the reality of the country.

The Briton has interviewed and profiled the cyclists of the generation that in recent years made Colombia a world power in this sport.

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