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Eight basic areas and five city councils add to the restrictions due to Covid




Eight new basic health areas and five localities exceed 400 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants and will be added, from January 4, to the perimeter restrictions. They are those of Marqués de la Valdavia and Alcobendas-Chopera (in Alcobendas), Los Olivos and Aranjuez (in Aranjuez), San Fernando and Los Alperchines (in San Fernando de Henares), Virgen del Cortijo in Hortaleza (Madrid), Torrelodones, Hoyo de Manzanares, and the towns of Ciempozuelos, Navalcarnero, Algete, Mejorada del Campo and Villarejo de Salvanés. In all of them, the restrictions will last until January 18.

These zones join those that were already restricted until now: Andrés Mellado in Chamberí and Sanchinarro in Hortaleza, Felipe II and Mayor Bartolomé González (in Móstoles), Getafe Norte, La Moraleja (Alcobendas), and those of Aravaca and General Moscardó in the capital, in addition to those of Reyes Católicos and V Centenario in Saint Sebastian of the kings. In all of them, the restrictions will last until January 11.

In total, there are approximately 500,000 inhabitants who are under restrictions in their basic health areas. With respect to total perimeter closure of the region, scheduled until January 6, it is not planned to extend it from that date.

The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero placeholder image, the deputy counselor of Plan Covid, Antonio Zapatero, and the general director of Public Health, Elena Andradas, have updated the epidemiological data of the pandemic. Today, the accumulated incidence at 14 days is 369.3 cases, less than the 400 reached on day 1. The trend is for it to continue to rise, so as explained by Ruiz Escudero, the restrictions will be extended by basic areas of Health.

The number of patients admitted to hospital beds (on the ward) is 1,622 and 312 in the ICU. At the Isabel Zendal Hospital, there have already been more than 200 treated patients, and 100 who have been discharged. Today there are 89 on the ward and 5 in the ICU, and during this week, Ruiz Escudero calculates, it will become the hospital with the most Covid patients in the Madrid network.

In addition, the Minister of Health has announced a agreement with dental clinics so that they can also perform antigen tests. It is expected that at least 500 dental clinics will soon be able to perform these tests, along with pharmacies. The antigen tests will be provided free of charge by the health department.

Ruiz Escudero has regretted that the Central Government has taken two months to respond to Madrid’s request to carry out these tests in pharmacy offices, and that it has done so “late and ambiguously”. Now they are looking for the formula to start antigen tests in these pharmacies “as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, Antonio Zapatero explained that 9 cases of the new British strain of the virus, more contagious, have already been detected, and there are another 30 under study.

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