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Eight spectacular castles to see in Spain


Eight castles that you can visit during the November bridge

The All Saints bridge it is history. However, many have their sights set on the December bridge or even in the Christmas holidays. If you are thinking of organizing a getaway escape keep reading. We have compiled for you eight of the most spectacular castles in Spain that are a perfect excuse to organize a trip and feel for a while like a real king or queen. Spain is a land of castles and it is very difficult to choose some and discard others. That is why we hope that our selection will serve as your guide and inspiration. Afterwards, you are free to add your favorite castle to the list.

Coca Castle, in Segovia

Coca Castle, in Segovia.

The Coca castle, in Segovia, is one of the most outstanding fortifications in Castilla y León. It is considered one of the best examples of Spanish Gothic-Mudejar architecture and is considered the prototype of a Castilian stately castle from the 15th century. It is in a very good state of conservation and admission to it is free, although guided tours can be arranged.

Olite Castle, in Navarra

Olite Castle, in Navarra.

The castle of Olite, in Navarra, is one of the most luxurious and spectacular medieval castles not only in Spain but throughout Europe. It is a Gothic-style fortress with profuse decoration. It has two different parts, the Old Palace, which houses a Parador, and the New Palace, which can be visited either with an audio guide or through a hired tour. It also has a children’s visit that the little ones in the house will love.

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Castle of Xátiva, in Valencia

Castle of Xàtiva

Xátiva Castle is a Valencian Gothic style fortress. It is in very good condition and can be visited by purchasing tickets in advance and with reduced capacity.

The Alcazar of Segovia

Alcazar of Segovia.

The Alcazar of Segovia It is one of the most recognized medieval castles in all of Spain. Its plan is very irregular and adapts to the hill on which it is built, highlighting its majestic keep. Inside you can visit elegant rooms, including the throne room located under a canopy with the coat of arms of the Catholic kings and his well-known motto “So much he rides”.

Castle of Almodóvar del Río, in the province of Córdoba

Castle of Almodóvar del Río in Córdoba.

The castle of Almodóvar del Río It is also known as the Castillo de la Floresta. It is one of the best preserved in Spain and you can visit its interior, where weddings are also held. A few years ago it served as the setting for the recording of Game of Thrones.

Bellver Castle, in Mallorca

Bellver Castle, Mallorca.

The Bellver castle It is a Gothic-style palace located three kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. It is located on a small elevation surrounded by forests and has privileged views. Not surprisingly, its name means precisely “beautiful sight”. The highlight of this fortification is its circular plant, something very rare. It can be visited and inside is the Museum of History of the city of Palma.

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Peñíscola Castle, in Castellón

The castle of Peñíscola. Shutterstock

Peñíscola Castle is also known as the Castle of Papa Luna. It was built by the Templars between 1294 and 1307. It is located by the sea, in the highest area of ​​the rock that dominates the city. Its interior can be visited.

Butrón Castle, in Vizcaya

Butrón Castle, in Gatika (Vizcaya)

The Butrón castle It is a neo-gothic style fortress located in the municipality of Gatica, in the province of Vizcaya. For a time it housed a hotel establishment with medieval shows but it was seized and auctioned. It is currently owned by a business group and although you cannot visit its interior, see it from the outside, it is well worth a trip to the area.

Castle of Manzanares el Real, in Madrid

Castle of Manzanares el Real, in Madrid.

The castle of Manzanares el Real It is also known as the Castillo de los Mendoza is located next to the Manzanares river and at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Its interior houses a museum where Flemish paintings, armor and furniture and tapestries are exhibited.

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