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Eighty years of history of La Vila in three photographs

Historical images of La Vila.

Historical images of La Vila.
Magdalena Soler

Three different images from three different years that reflect the history of La Vila. The I Old Photography Contest of the municipality has awarded three images from 1908, 1960 and 1985 in which you can see everyday scenes or places in the town.

Historical images of La Vila Joiosa. Marta Bujardón

In the first one, in the category of portraits, you can see a group of seamstresses with their racks, contributed by Marta Bujardón Llorca. The jury has valued the great antiquity of this photograph (1908); its magnificent quality and state of conservation after 112 years; as well as the originality of the subject, of which not many images are known. As for the second, (in the category of urban or rural landscapes) the color image of the facade of the Look nightclub (formerly Cine Jonia), dated October 1985, contributed by Vicente Sivera Sánchez, has been awarded. And in the last category, that of various activities, the photograph of the Commerce of Jaume Soler Soriano, “Jaume d’Esteve”, in which there are employees and clients, has been awarded, around 1960, contributed by Magdalena Soler López.

Historical images of La Vila. Vicente sivera

In addition to these three award-winning photographs, the jury has made a special mention of the photograph of children at carnival, around 1911, contributed by Ángela Sellés Serrano and of a sewing group with the Chalé de Campana in the background, around 1945, contributed by María Devesa Beneyto; in category 2 to the photograph of the Baths of Neptune with the label “Kiboko”, from 1960, contributed by Pedro Cano Marcet; and in category 3 to the photographs of the inauguration of the soccer field, of 1934, photo contributed by Jaime Lloret Tito, and of a group of men and women repairing nets on the beach, around 1930, contributed by Ángela Sellés Serrano.

The jury, made up of the Councilor for Historical Heritage, the director of Vilamuseu, the Ethnography Technician and the person in charge of the Municipal Archive of Vila Joiosa, highlights the high number of photos submitted to this first contest, 165, and especially its high quality and importance to document the history of the Vila throughout the 20th century. In the opinion of the jury, practically all the people who have contributed photographs have submitted one that deserved to be awarded, which has made their deliberation long and difficult. The councilor for historical heritage, Xente Sebastià, has declared that “in reality the most important award has been won by the city of Vila Joiosa, because the participants have made it possible for us to start having a bank of high quality old images, with detailed information, for its conservation, documentation, investigation and diffusion ”.

The jury makes a special mention of the large number of photographs contributed by Josela Hurtado Adrover, Ángela Sellés Serrano, Jaime Lloret Tito and Dolores del Carmen Muñoz Costa, as well as the large volume of information that has been provided on the photographs submitted by all of them and by Magdalena Soler López, although in general all the photographs presented are accompanied by more or less detailed information. Thus, the continuation of the contest has been proposed in successive years, adding a special category for a specific topic each year, and taking into account the contribution of sets of photographs of special relevance.

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