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El Campello becomes a great film set and authorizes 14 recordings

El Campello becomes a great filming set. The City Council relaunched the municipality in 2020 to host film, series and commercial productions, and now it is beginning to reap the rewards. In 2021 it hosted 6 recordings, and for this year it has already authorized another 14. And it already offers more than 115 real estate and private properties, including homes and farms, as a stage for productions.

The figures of these shoots were announced by the Councilor for Tourism Marisa Navarro (PP), during the presentation in Madrid of the global offer of the municipality as a prominent destination on the Mediterranean coast. Within the framework of the Fitur International Tourism Fair, the mayor reported that during 2021, a particularly difficult year due to the health pandemic, the municipality hosted up to six recordings of feature films, short films or series.

This is the result of the work of Film Office El Campello, the municipal department activated with the aim of capturing this type of business, making available to producers all the natural settings of the municipality and as many private properties that want to join the project.

Filming has been going on throughout 2021. Socraty Films shot the short film “Exist”; the Barcelona Film School was in charge of the shooting of “Disenchantment”, and Hawkers recorded the “Made in Spain” commercial.

On the other hand, Producciones Toma S shot the short film “Fuerza vital”, and the firm No traces la serie recorded “no footprints”, while Inicia Films and Jaibo did the same with «Unicornios».

These productions shot partially or entirely in El Campello could be followed by at least 14 during 2022, according to the projects presented to the Tourism Office that have already obtained the approval of the City Council, according to Navarro.

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One of the objectives of the Department of Tourism since the popular mayor agreed to it in 2019 is to attract audiovisual projects. The town has 23 kilometers of coastline, a great contrast of landscapes, natural and historical enclaves of great value… and private properties have been adding to this since 2020.

In addition to promotional campaigns by Tourism, the Film Office portal was completely renewed, which was obsolete, so that individuals can offer their properties there, be it a chalet, a field or a vehicle that could appear in a movie, series or advertisement. There are currently more than a hundred on offer. real estate properties, from large villas, farms and country houses to apartments and other dwellings. And a fortnight of individuals also offer their properties.

Thus, the Corporation promotes natural, coastal, historical, industrial, port, urban, night and road spaces as “perfect settings” for filming movies and series, and also makes private properties available to producers. Key to all of this is the impetus given to its Film Office, a department that reports to the Department of Tourism and whose purpose is to attract and facilitate filming. It is in charge of coordinating and requesting all the necessary reports and services that affect the different municipal departments and that are mandatory in order to obtain the recording permit.


El Campello was in the past the setting for filming films such as “The Legions of Cleopatra”, “The Man on the Island”, “Casablanca Nights” or “Two Much”, in addition to advertising spots, video clips or series. An activity that is being promoted in recent years, taking advantage of its large municipal area, with 23 kilometers of beaches, coves and cliffs, a unique interior with very different landscapes, industrial settings, examples of Mediterranean mountains, a marina, a fish market, urban and vintage and ideal locations for night scenes.

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