Friday, October 22

El Campello includes a line for young people in its subsidy plan

El Campello City Council

El Campello City Council

At the proposal of the Councilor for Youth Cristian Palomares (PP), the last plenary session held in El Campello decided to include it in the Strategic Subsidy Plan (approved in plenary session in July 2020) aid to groups and activities related to young people Township. The initiative obtained the support of PP, Cs and Vox, the vote against the US and the abstentions of PSPV, Compromís, Podemos and Red, as reported by the City Council in a statement.

Specifically, the plenary approved aid to those called “Youth correspondents”, designated to be the point of connection between the local administration and the youth of the municipality; scholarships for public transport for those who study outside the municipality; the organization of the youth literature contest, and the annual celebration of a youth gala, with cash prizes to recognize personal effort in activities or projects in the social, cultural or environmental field.

The youth correspondent scholarships in the El Campello institutes intend that the young people themselves are in charge of transferring the demands and needs of the students to the City Council, in such a way that communication is improved to achieve a program of activities in which young people are the protagonists . 4,800 euros per year are allocated for these correspondents. The expected result is that young people have good access to information for making decisions that directly affect their future.

On the other hand, an annual item of 30,000 euros is contemplated for aid to public transport for post-compulsory studies outside the municipality. With this money, the strategic objective of promoting studies for those young people with a low income level is maintained, financing part of the expenses for the use of public transport.

The line of subsidy for the announcement of the Young Literature Contest (short story and poetry), amounts to 2,700 euros per year, with which culture is promoted and fostered among young people, specifically the habit of writing and reading.

Youth gala

Finally, it was approved to allocate 2,500 euros per year to the celebration of a youth awards gala, in order to financially recognize the academic effort of the ESO students, and the personal effort of young people who have developed activities and / or projects in the social field , cultural or environmental.

The awards are intended to stimulate and recognize the commitment and effort of those young people who carry out relevant work in different areas of society. They will be regulated, summoned and managed in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination.

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