Wednesday, April 17

El Campello is studying improvements to the market and prolonging the expansion of the hotel terraces

El Campello is studying improvements in the municipal market and prolonging the expansion of the terraces of the catering establishments. Not even a month has passed since the mayor of Cs, Javier Giner, responsible for the Market, Street Sales and Public Ways, took office on January 14, and “he is already immersed in the introduction of important news to improve organization and productivity municipal market and hospitality sector and, therefore, for citizens, as recipients of these services”, as explained today by the Consistory in a statement.

And it is that Giner has designed an action plan that will soon begin to be executed in the aforementioned areas. Thus, for the maximum use of resources, it has held various meetings and technical meetings with the professionals who are part of its work team, in order to define the improvement novelties to be implemented in the short, medium and long term.

With regard to the management of the municipal market, the regulation of stalls and vacancies, which have not been advertised for approximately four years, is considered a priority. Besides, the computerization of all data referred to the positions through the implementation of a database that records the reality of positions and holders; elimination of non-working positions and preparation of the renewal of concessions that end in 2026.

“In order to carry out all these changes, we must begin by reformulating the numbering of the stops; that the physical reality of the position coincides with the mandatory title”, indicates Javier Giner. For this reason, the signage of the stalls will be renewed. In addition, the mayor will try to establish the figure of inspector for the best organization and security, both for merchants and consumers.

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Watchmen and Fords

Regarding the extensions of the permits to install night tables in bars and restaurants in the parking area, a measure carried out by Javier Martín, former mayor of the Ciudadanos municipal group in charge of the areas left by the City Council for health reasons, Javier Giner ( Cs), in the same line of work, proposes a new extension from March 1, to “continue supporting one of the most disadvantaged sectors for the restrictive measures” for the containment of covid-19.

In addition, among its objectives is the regularization of open terraces that do not meet the mandatory requirements for the exercise of their activity and thus guarantee absolute equity with those who, having their situation one hundred percent regularized, fulfill their obligations with the local administration, which reverts to the improvement of the infrastructure and services of our municipality.

As for the fords, the mayor has described as “real success” the response of citizens to the renovation of the park of fords, almost completed in its entirety. In fact, of the 1,205 fords that appear in the municipal register, nearly 1,000 have already been renovated. For the rest, the council has stuck stickers on the old plates urging the owners to go for their new plate, although it is aware that many of them belong to “second homes”, for which it will carry out a new communication campaign and will define the end of the holiday period as the term for the comprehensive renovation of the ford plates in El Campello.

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