Tuesday, April 20

El Campello only allocates € 200,000 to garden maintenance despite needing € 900,000

The associations of l’Horta-Muchavista and La Zenia They submitted a letter in early March requesting a plan to improve the parks and gardens. And now they once again express «the concern of the neighbors about the neglect and deficiencies that continue in the parks and green areas of Muchavista beach, fruit of lack of adequate conservation measures and no investment». And it is that the residents warn that «Plants die due to lack of irrigation, they are not fumigated, plants that dry up are not replaced, and so on. The maintenance of the urban furniture and the fences that separate the gardens from the sidewalks is poor. There is an obvious lack of cleanliness ». And also the lack of investment and maintenance is a safety problem in these gardens, especially for children. They assure that a “painful image of a tourist municipality” is being given, and that these deficiencies in green areas «They prevent them from being a place of relaxation, of recreation for the neighbors today so necessary with the pandemic, where children can go to play or where sports can be practiced outdoors. The covid crisis cannot be an excuse to justify such abandonment.

In a new letter formalized before the Consistory, they explain that “the deterioration due to the lack of maintenance of the parks gives a bleak image of the area”, and they give numerous examples, such as the park in front of the French Lyceum, the gardens in front of the urbanization Las Palmeras, in front of the Villa Marco shopping center, the Poniente, La Zofra and Hello Kitty parks and the green areas of Bitácoras-Noray. And also from other areas outside Muchavista such as the Torre de la Illeta.

Dry specimens in the surroundings of the Torre de la Illeta. | INFORMATION

And it is that they regret that «for years the services of garden maintenance and cleaning they have forgotten the parks and gardens of Villa Marco. There is no annual work planning in the gardens. The council does not give importance to the care of plants, trees, cleaning and other elements that make up the gardens such as fences, urban furniture, children’s games, cleaning … it does not take into account the transcendence of the image of bad green areas cared for by the municipality ».

For all this they demand that the councils of the Environment, Parks and Gardens, in the hands of Oca, assume “their responsibility, organizing resources, and bet on a municipality with a higher quality of life and environment after the COVID-19 pandemic,” today a place of recreation for the neighbors.

They demand a pruning plan, replacement of trees and plants, phytosanitary treatments, recovery and improvement of the irrigation system, and conservation and maintenance of parks and gardens. They also ask for the replacement of urban furniture and perimeter fencing of the gardens and green areas of Muchavista, and an organization of resources with an annual planning to avoid deterioration.

For his part, Julio Oca denied that the resources of his council are being mismanaged and recalled that since the cuts due to the 2012 crisis, the amount that has been allocated to the parks is 200,000 euros, when 900,000 would be needed. Of course, he stressed that it has been Cs in this term, when he has entered the council, who “has demanded an increase in the budget item, which is reflected in the 2020 accounts with 450,000 euros.” This increase will be effective when the new contract is tendered this year.


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