Monday, October 18

El Campello renews the signage of the natural area of ​​Les Puntes de Gosàlvez

El Campello renews the signage of Les Puntes de Gosàlvez

El Campello renews the signage of Les Puntes de Gosàlvez

The Department of the Environment, led by the first deputy mayor, Julio Oca (Cs), has reported that the complete renovation work and installation of the signaling indications of the local trail SL-CV-93, from the natural area of ​​Les Puntes de Gosàlvez. The replacement of signage, in great need due to the deterioration suffered in the last five years due to its exposure to the elements, has meant a investment of 7,228, 54 euros, as explained in a statement.

With this action, the Department of the Environment begins the path of recovery of this natural area and very punished recreation. “In addition to the logical aging, due to exposure to the open air, both the signage on the trail and the furniture in the recreational area, unfortunately, vandalism and environmental offenses remain common, such as waste of all kinds of garbage, including rubble. , which we registered in this area ”, declared Julio Oca.

In this sense, the first deputy mayor makes a call to the population so that they report any type of behavior observed that threatens this valuable natural area where, Julio Oca (Cs) announces, “During this year the rehabilitation of the recreation area and the leveling of the path’s terrain will be undertaken, so that walkers and cyclists can carry out the route with excellent security guarantees ”.

El Campello renews the signage of Les Puntes de Gosàlvez

Renovation and improvements

Specifically, the renovation works of the signage have not only consisted of the replacement of the previous one, but also many improvements. “Scots pine poles have been installed with metallic arrows indicating the path in both directions; marking the continuity of the path, the end of the route and the location of the picnic area and the parking area. Instead of the old wooden arrows, which deteriorated easily and had little space for information, we have installed metallic ones, with greater durability. In this way, the printing has been made on the entire plate and on both sides, so it has been possible to place additional data and QR codes with maps of the trail ”, reported Oca, who also explains that in the location indications , the UTM coordinates and altitudes of the point have been added.

The lecterns, also made of Scots pine, support posters with updated information, made with materials highly resistant to various meteorological situations; The panoramic photographs have been updated, very thick galvanized hardware has been used to avoid breakage and wear and, in addition to the 15 painted indicative stones, which have been completely restored, 15 new milestones have been added in conflictive points for the better location of the hiker at the different intersections of the road.

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