Wednesday, December 1

El Campello will install 18 defibrillators in municipal buildings and schools

In this way, a proposal by the also popular Alejandro Collado is fulfilled, which in the previous term was approved unanimously in plenary session without being executed. This is an important step towards advancing the goal of being a “heart-healthy” municipality.

The file reaches its final stretch, and when the contract is signed, 18 semi-automatic external defibrillators, their consumables (electrodes and batteries), cabins, and connection systems with 112 emergency services will be installed in the coming weeks.


The project indicates exactly the places where the devices will be installed: Municipal Library, House of Culture, El Barranquet Social Center, Urban Planning building, Muchavista Local Police checkpoint, Local Police headquarters, Works and Services offices, office of Tourism, City Hall, Cemetery, Municipal Warehouse, El Vincle, Fabraquer, Pla Barraques and Rafael Altamira schools, Adult School, and the Enric Valor and Clot de l’Illot institutes.

The contract includes preventive and corrective maintenance of all equipment, initial training (4 face-to-face hours) and ongoing (2 face-to-face hours), two years after receiving the initial training, and the maintenance of the 5 defibrillators installed in the past mandate in different initiatives of the Ampa and the Consistory, located in the Centro Sports Center, El Vincle Sports Center and Pla Barraques and Rafael Altamira schools.

The contract is for three years, for an amount of 40,885.90 euros, and municipal workers will be informed of the operation of the defibrillators so that they can act in the event of any emergency.


The next school year, talks will be organized in schools with the same objective, directing training actions towards the main cardiovascular risk factors, such as inadequate nutrition, hypercholesterolemia, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress or lack of physical exercise, as highlighted by the Consistory.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the Western world, among them sudden cardiac death. This chaotic heart rhythm requires immediate attention, since for every minute that its adequate treatment is delayed, the possibility of survival of the person suffering from it is reduced by 10%. Clinical and scientific evidence confirms that early defibrillation and quality basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation they are the most appropriate response and the specific treatment of ventricular fibrillation.

On the other hand, various scientific studies have shown the effectiveness, utility and no risk of using semi-automatic defibrillators in immediate care programs carried out by non-healthcare personnel in public spaces, and they endorse that such use can save the lives of people suffering from ventricular fibrillation.

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