Saturday, October 16

El Clot de Galvany and El Hondo celebrate the Day of the Wetlands

The Clot de Galvany, in a file image

The Clot de Galvany, in a file image

The Councilor for the Environment of the City Council of Elche, Esther Díez, said today that “on this day in which we celebrate World Wetlands Day, we have to once again highlight the ecological value of the Clot de Galvany and the Fondo Natural Park, two unique places that we continue working to conserve, protect and spread ”.

“World Wetlands Day seeks precisely to remember that they are ecosystems with great biological diversity and the work of the City Council in these natural spaces is precisely aimed at safeguarding that diversity,” the councilor highlighted.

Esther Diez has indicated that “in the case of Clot de Galvany, we continue working on expanding the protection zone of this municipal natural area; In fact, the landscape study has already been sent to the Ministry of the Environment so that said modification of the protected perimeter increases”.

Esther Díez, in one of the refuges to observe birds in the El Hondo natural park, in Elche

“In addition to this process, actions such as the new observatory launched last year are added so that citizens can learn about the diversity of species in the wetland or the remodeling of the waders pond that we are going to develop to adapt it to the needs of the birds. aquatic ”, he stressed.

In this sense, the councilor has reported that “this action is the result of the success of the City Council’s collaboration with the Department of the Environment for the introduction of threatened species such as the gray teal and many other endangered plant species” and at the same time From El Clot, work is continuing to improve the habitat of the white-headed duck.

“About the Natural Park of the Fund, a place managed by the regional administration, our efforts are aimed at collaborating with the Department and its managers in the enhancement of a natural area of ​​the first order for its ecological, environmental and landscape value that still many Ilicitanos do not know ”, he pointed out.


In this regard, Esther Díez has ensured that “from the Department of the Environment our priority is to develop the south path of the Vinalopó river to guarantee a connection with the natural park and, at the same time, create, for the first time, an entrance with access by our municipal term that contributes to facilitate the knowledge of the Fund by the citizens of Elx ”.

“In the field of green policies, within the framework of Elx2030, the conservation and enhancement of our wetlands and, in general, of our natural spaces, is one of the municipal government’s priorities, as it cannot be otherwise. way, given the richness of the natural heritage of the municipality of Elx ”, the Councilor for the Environment concluded.

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