Monday, August 2

‘El Colibrí’ tells the judge that he did not draft the Podemos contract with Neurona

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Erik Alfredo Guerrero Márquez, alias ‘El Colibrí’, identified as the person in charge of drafting the contract between Podemos and Neurona for the 2019 general elections, has assured the judge on Monday that has “nothing to do” with that contract, specifying that his functions in the party were merely “administrative”. The instructor suspects that it could be a simulated contract to divert money from the ‘purple’ accounts.

“I have nothing to do with the contracts, neither with their wording nor with their signature, and I have no knowledge that any type of irregular or illegal contract has been made“said ‘El Colibrí’ in statements to the press after his appearance as a witness before the judge in the Neurona case, Juan José Escalonilla.

Guerrero Márquez, who has clarified that he is now a doctoral student who once worked for Podemos, has explained that his functions in the party were “administrative”, of “organization” and to “generate ideas.” “My functions did not imply signing contracts,” he stressed.

What’s more, has denounced that in their interrogation “they have deviated a lot from the subject”, something that he has attributed to his migrant status, on the one hand, and to the “‘lawfare’ (judicial war) that the extreme right has on Podemos” and that he has trusted that “it will not prosper”, on the other.

Guerrero Márquez was cited by the head of the Court of Instruction Number 42 after the former head of Normative Compliance of Podemos Mónica Carmona identified him as a worker of the party who would have been in charge of drafting the contract with Neurona.

Wallet and 26,000 euros

Carmona also described ‘El Colibrí’ as “a friend” of the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Wallet, which this Monday has also gone to the Courts of Plaza de Castilla to testify for the ‘Neurona’ case, although as a defendant.

Monedero arrived shortly before 10 a.m., despite the fact that Escalonilla summoned him at 11.30 a.m. to take a statement for the 26,200.31 euros that, according to a report from the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF), collected from Neurona Consulting -the Mexican parent company of Neurona Comunidad- for alleged political consulting services that it would not have provided. The investigators maintain that the only justification for this payment would be a “false invoice”.

The judge accepted the arguments of the UDEF, noting that “incidentally” it can also be concluded that the co-founder of Podemos “was related to the subsequent foundation or constitution of the commercial company Neurona Comunidad and the alleged hiring of it by the electoral coalition United we can.

“No, no,” said Monedero upon arrival at the courthouse when asked by the press about whether he charged commissions. Thus, he has declared himself “calm” and has regretted that the instructor did not ask him for the relevant documentation before summoning him directly.

The former ‘purple’ leader entered the courthouse through the main door, where he had to wait in line. His intention was to enter through an alternative access to safeguard his “personal integrity” but the dean judge of Madrid, María Jesús del Barco, rejected his request.

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