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El Corte Inglés rules out the departure of the company of those over 50

Facade of El Corte Inglés in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona

Facade of El Corte Inglés in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona
Elisenda Pons

After the first negotiating meeting of the workforce adjustment plan presented by El Corte Inglés, sources present at the meeting assure that the voluntary character of assignment to join one of the 3,000 casualties but that those over 50 years of age will continue in the company. The technical and economic report report on the causes that justify the measure establishes that the groups not affected by the plan are those over 50 years of age, workers with temporary or relief contracts and those who work for works and services on single days.

According to this company proposal, the plan “It does not want to be a plan for rejuvenation or separation, but rather a process of downsizing and reorganization of the company “.

The idea of ​​the management of El Corte Inglés is to face an adaptation of the group’s personnel needs to the context opened by the pandemic. They say in particular that it does not intend to face a “generalized early retirement plan.” There has been consensus in that first meeting that “the groups to be protected must be those that have the most difficulty integrating into the labor market“.

The representatives of the works council must now analyze the technical report presented by the company, to later open the “concrete economic and social conditions of the future reorganization plan”.

The voluntary plan to reorganize the workforce will affect a maximum 3,000 employees, out of a total of 63,000 employees. The reorganization exclusively affects El Corte Inglés SA, that is, department stores, not subsidiaries such as Viajes El Corte Inglés. The confinement forced the group led by Marta Álvarez to close all its centers, with the exception of the Food section, between the months of March and June; Subsequently, it was also affected by the restrictions put in place by the different autonomous communities, which have continued to limit the activity in very diverse ways, and by the huge drop in tourists, the group’s major consumers. Specific, between the months of March and May, El Corte Inglés lost 510 million euros.

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Department stores remain the heart of the business for the group, despite the fact that the company is involved in a transformation that is clearly committed to diversification. The company also wants to give prominence to the logistics area and take advantage of the infrastructure it already has, which is what provides service to its shopping centers and supermarkets. Strengthen its Sicor subsidiary, which includes comprehensive security, cleaning, etc. services to offer them to third parties, with higher commercial margins. And, above all, in growing your business ‘online’ to be able to offer the same services as in your warehouses to all your customers but through the internet. In the case of the travel agency subsidiary, El Corte Inglés aspires to merge with other large travel agencies to create the largest Spanish-speaking operator in the world.


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