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El Genovés, Valencian ball legend, dies

There can’t be one more day sad for the Valencian ball that the farewell of the greatest figure that the ‘trinquets’ have seen. Paco Cabanes and Pastor ‘Genovés’ He died yesterday at the age of 66 after fighting a long and serious illness. The autochthonous sport mourns the goodbye of its greatest exponent, of the most differential player, of the legend that those spectators who saw him compete transmitted to future generations. An unbeatable myth that made the public enjoy, despite the limitations imposed by its dominance in the ‘scale’ and ‘corda’. A gentleman who raised the popularity of his sport. A benchmark for every boy or girl who starts with in the ‘vaqueta’. A fan who breathed the ball. An earthly god who was seen by all the pelotaris enclosures of the Valencian Community, surrounded by all those who have always admired her. One of the most universal Valencians that leaves a void that will not fill another ‘ladder’. In short, the best baseball player in history.

The Genovés was absent yesterday at his house in the town of La Costera accompanied by his family. Paco Cabanes lost the battle to cancer that he had suffered from for a few years. The mass in memory of the idol pelotari will take place today in the parish of Genovés at 7:00 p.m. However, the Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana per la Polota Valenciana reported yesterday that the family wanted to fire him in privacy due to the current situation due to the pandemic.

A divinity

Likewise, the managing body of the professional world and the Federation suspended all the programming for today as a sign of mourning. In yesterday’s games, tribute was paid to Genovés with a minute of silence. On the other hand, the Generalitat Valenciana decreed that today will be an official day of mourning in the Valencian Community.

Paco Cabanes he left in the same town where he was born on December 20, 1954. The number 6 of the street La Font de Genovés had created a myth that will endure in the memory of Valencians. When at the age of 17 he changed the ‘raspall’ for the ‘scale’ and the ‘corda’, fate gave the ball a divinity for its history.

All these accolades are not futile, since Genovés created this phenomenon based on his game. Its name was written in golden letters due to the dominance that each pilot exerted above the rope and the enormous force. The record of Paco Cabanes is summarized with eight Leagues and six Individual Championships, but these numbers are behind his merits.

The undeniable power of Genovés’ arm made him unbeatable. In an age where crossings were the watchword of the future of the ball, the ‘trinqueter’ managed to limit the game of the rest of the world. From very early on, Paco Cabanes was prohibited from hitting up. Any ball that passed over the shoulder was banned for Genovés, including if it was from ‘bot’ and arm.

The match of the century

Since 1975, Genovés made his mark on the garter belt honor roll. Such was the superiority that Cabanes had to participate with another player who practically did not contribute to the game. Under these circumstances, Genovés decided to choose his brother ‘Pepet’, with whom he raised five leagues. There were even editions where the rest were also displaced in the middle and not even that prevented their victory.

The creation of the Individual Championship was 1986 when Genovés was 32 years old. Although he was not in the prime of his career, Cabanes won six heads up. If this discipline had existed when the Genoese began in the ‘ratchets’, it would undoubtedly be the player with the most Individual titles, since according to the chair there has been no other player like him. For the memory, what is known as the ‘game of the century’ in 1995 against Álvaro remains.

International figure

Genovés also shone in the international arena with the achievement of the 5 Nations Trophy (predecessor of the European) and the Llargues World Cup and was awarded the Gold Medal of the Generalitat Valenciana for Sporting Merit. Likewise, Cabanes was the forerunner of challenges with the best Basque figures of the moment such as Retegi I, Martinikorena or Intxauspe, in addition to participating in an exhibition at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and was the bearer of the Olympic torch as it passed through the territory. Valencian.

The withdrawal half

In 1996, Genovés announced his retirement at the age of 42, although his legacy did not end here. Paco Cabanes was an ambassador of the ball by the Federation and for a time he was the teacher of some of the new fig trees that would appear in the 21st century, together with Miguel Royo at the Eliana Technification School.

Among them, her son. Genovés II inherited charisma and class to make the indigenous sport visible on its scale to a contemporary generation. A figure that continues to make fans enjoy the ratchets, the space where Paco was always.

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The last public appearance of Genovés was in the tribute to Rovellet on July 16 in Pelayo Street, although Paco Cabanes never failed in day-to-day or competitive matches, as in the final of the Bollo Trophy on July 22 in Castelló de Rugat.

Genovés was already at the altar of Pelayo’s ratchet as one of the five pelotaris in the gallery of honor with Nel de Murla, Quart, Juliet and Rovellet. This was the story of the best baseball player that will ever exist and now the legend is giving way. Forever Genovés.

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