Friday, December 8

El Mérida, from La Nucía to the Federation

Mérida players return to work. / AD MERIDA

The Roman team starts its preseason this morning with eight renewals, twelve new faces and still pending two signings


Yes, some things have happened in between, such as a very spirited night in Alicante, a massive celebration in the Plaza, an emotional reunion between old and new colleagues in the bowels of the Romano, the mandatory physical tests and medical examinations… Yes, but the last thing was La Nucía and his promotion and the next thing is this morning at the Federation with the start of the preseason.

At 9:00 a.m., the twenty footballers plus those chosen from the subsidiary will begin training under the orders of Juanma Barrero, who for the first time will start at the head of Mérida from day one as head of the technical field. The objective, from the first day, will be to save the category, and that is where all the efforts of both the squad and the club will be directed.

The campus is almost new: eight renewals and twelve additions. Of those who have stayed, the sports management wanted nine and has had to settle for eight: Javi Montoya, Bonaque, Nacho González, Felipe Alfonso, Álvaro Ramón, Goma, Artiles and Lolo Pla. Only he has not achieved the continuity of Mario Ramón, who has finally ended up in the Calahorra of the former Juan García. Nacho González joins on Monday, with permission from the club.

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The twelve additions, for their part, touch all the ranges there have been and have: with experience and a good grade last year in the category, such as midfielders Luis Acosta (Unionistas), Álex Meléndez (Linares) and winger Dani Sandoval (SD Logrones); young people hungry to consolidate themselves in a First RFEF that they already know, such as defenders Lluís Llácer (SD Logroñés) and Benjamín Garay (Zamora); legs well known by Romano for his good performance and with experience in these fights, such as the prodigal son Erik (Royal Union of Irún) and the all-fielder Kamal (Cacereño); and youngsters whom the club expects to be bold enough to break doors, such as youth squad player Carlos Cinta (Don Álvaro), winger Viñuela (Villanovense), midfielder Busi (Navalcarnero), striker Fer Harta (Illescas) and goalkeeper Juanpa (Athletic Sanluqueño).

Two players are missing to join: a senior who will be either the Terrasa winger Akito (for which both clubs continue to negotiate the amount of the transfer) or a forward who will accompany Lolo Pla, Carlos Cinta and Fer Harta, and a sub-23 whose demarcation will depend on what is signed before with the senior. There will be, in principle, players on trial. The pre-season squad will be completed by the players from the subsidiary Finlay, Luis Piro, Eneko, Dani de la Montaña, Issac Olmo, Rober and Mamobe.

Juanma’s men

There will also be news in everything that surrounds the squad, which indicates the improvement and professionalization towards which the club has been heading for three years. Juanma Barrero, Sergio Cano, Juancho Pozo and Davo will be accompanied on a day-to-day basis by the analyst Rubén Trujillo from Mérida, the retrainer Alberto Fernández (from Extremadura and who will attend to the players after an injury to return without the risk of relapses or consequences more serious) and the physios Fran Rosa (also from Extremadura) and Enrique Cuello, who will work together with Juandi Barrero, who continues from last year.

The team will train these next three days starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Campos de la Federación, where the entire preseason will take place (between the natural grass field and the artificial grass field) due to the works to improve the pitch of the Roman Stadium, and on Monday the double sessions will begin. And on the horizon, before the debut in the First Federation, the first test of the preseason in Don Álvaro, next Friday, July 22.

Until today, the club has reached the figure of a thousand subscribers in just one month of campaign. From now on, apart from those that still have to be renewed (which are many), it is time to convince the undecided with the illusions of the preseason. It is not the important thing yet, but Merida 22-23 has already started to run.

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