Thursday, February 29

El Montijo feasts on his visit to Vélez

Victory of great merit for Montijo, who knew how to suffer in the first half to take advantage of Vélez’s defensive facilities. The team prepared by Juan Marrero won again, they did it with a convincing 0-3, and they have already accumulated seven consecutive games without losing, which strengthens them in the playoffs.

El Montijo tried to stifle his opponent at the start of the ball with quite intense forward pressure at the start, but the Andalusian team showed the mettle to scratch the ball. In the eighth minute, a great personal play by Joselinho from the left flank ended with an assist for Gaona who, in a semi-miss, converted against Sergio Tienza, but the referee annulled the goal for offside.

Only a minute later Montijo was going to shake off the fleas, thanks to a run through the eight lane by Barragán, who sent a cross that Joel Salvi headed free of a mark to make Miguel’s stretch useless.

El Montijo took the reins of the game, taking advantage of the anxiety of Vélez, who did not accept the blow firmly. But as the minutes went by, the visiting team gave up possession of the ball in favor of an opponent who had a good chance after a gallop by Essel down the right wing, although his cross did not find Chavarría’s shot inside the area . Despite this, Montijo managed to string together good transitions, especially down the right wing, with a Barragán who was the catalyst for the offensive play of Juan Marrero’s pupils.


Sergio Tienza; Chechu, Gabri, Molina, Razvan; Calin, Javi Chino (José Ángel, min. 60); Manchón, Joel Salvi (Hoyos, min. 68), Barragán (Seung-Cheol, min. 87); and Dani Segovia.

  • Referee:
    Roca Robles (Murcian Committee). He admonished Razvan for the visitors.

  • Goals:
    0-1 Joel Salvi (min. 9). 0-2 Spot (min. 41). 0-3 Holes (min. 85).

  • Stadium.
    Live Tellez. 900 spectators.

Late in the first half, the local team protested a penalty for possible hands, but the ball hit the visiting defender’s back. Vélez dominated the ball in the final stages of the first half, without finishing specifying, which Montijo took advantage of to run as soon as he had an opportunity, as in the counterattack started by Joel Salvi for Barragán’s advance, who planted in the area, but could not shoot before the good defensive action of Portillo.

The situation was going to improve a lot for the team trained by Juan Marrero, since, with five minutes to go, an indecision by the local defense after a center from the right, served for Barragán to extend it with a header on the edge for Manchón, who beat Miguel point-blank, in the face of the passivity of the entire defense, and scored the 0-2.

Vélez tried to respond in the final throes of the first half, above all due to the work and grace of Essel, who shot wide at first, and then struck down the right wing to assist a Gonzalo who was not accurate. Although the clearest chance for the local side came after a pass to the back of the visiting defense that Gaona tried to score with a Vaseline before Sergio Tienza’s departure. However, the leather was lost above the crossbar.

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After the restart, Vélez put one more gear in it, but Montijo was quite safely armed in the rear. Only a shot by Joselinho, in the 57th minute, forced Sergio Tienza to intervene.

Another resounding error in defense of Miguel Ángel Beas’s pupils almost ended in the third goal for the visitors, but Manchón sent it wide after being left completely alone. They were minutes in which the Montijo sailed calmly before a Vélez that was drowning in the rush. Although with twenty minutes to go, in one of the few indecisions of the Extremadura defense, a clear chance came, but Sergio Tienza applied himself masterfully to stop.

The one who could sentence the game was Molina, since when coming out of a corner he headed the crossbar after brushing with Miguel’s glove. Only a few minutes later it would be Hoyos who would show aim to beat Miguel. The play was started, who else, by Barragán, who crossed from the right and, after a faulty shot by Dani Segovia, Hoyos scored the 0-3 point-blank. This ensured three more than juicy points and that keeps Marrero’s team in the playoffs.

Juan Marrero: “It’s a victory to enjoy”

The Montijo coach highlighted the effort made by his pupils in the victory in Andalusia: “We have to admit that we suffered a lot in the first half, many arrivals that have put our defensive strength to the test, which is being one of the keys to Let’s get enough points.”

Juan Marrero added congratulations because the team overcame setbacks to prepare for the match: “We have a short squad, four players out, and three who came out of injury.” “We knew that, if we endured the second half, we were going to have options,” he added, although he explained that his pupils, at times, had a bad time: “In the last twenty minutes of the first half we were already very tired, with people who were already I couldn’t get to the pressure.”

Even so, for the visiting coach, Montijo’s performance improved after the intermission: “We pushed a little harder in the second half to avoid as many arrivals (from Vélez) as in the first.”

When questioned about Vélez’s defensive errors, Marrero pointed out that “the first goal is a great play by Barragán, with a very good center and a phenomenal shot by Joel.” In addition, he underlined the work of the entire team when it came to scoring the second goal: “We are used to calculating rebounds after throw-ins, and this time it worked out for us.”

He also underlined the effort made by Javi Chino to be present: “He had a very strong sprain in Ceuta, he forced himself, and then he was also injured, he had a fever and he was very weak.”

Marrero took the pressure off his team, when asked if he was looking at promotion: “It’s a victory to enjoy, but nothing more.” “We know that the numbers are very good,” added the Montijo coach, although he insisted: “Our first objective was permanence, but it may be that with 41 points it will arrive. Being in this situation, you cannot stop. When one suffers so much, victories taste much better.

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