Wednesday, December 7

El Moralo seals his pass to the final

Moralo players and coaching staff celebrate this Saturday’s victory against Arroyo. / @MORALO_CP

Third RFEF

The Navalmoral team leaves Arroyo in the gutter in a great second part that allows them to play the last territorial phase

In fairness, José Antonio Ruiz’s Moralo sealed his place in the final next weekend with an eloquent score (3-0) after a second half where he was lord and master of the situation against an Arroyo who couldn’t help but smile of the rival troops.

The ball was rolling again in the Almond Coliseum between two rivals with their homework done during the course and playing the honor for changing category next season. With great caution and lackluster in the game, as expected, he opened the notebook with a cross passed to the far post by Víctor easily cut by the moral wall. The first bars of the fight progressed with Arroyo trying to go out quickly on the counterattack and with little ball in his boots.

José Antonio Ruiz’s men made possession their own and it was Junior, after a three-quarter online robbery, who tried in vain to surprise the rival goalkeeper after a quarter of an hour. He turned the morale tide three minutes later in an error from the leather exit that gave David López the option, but his shot was deflected too far. The Arroyan century shook off the green and white fleas little by little and signed their first serve from the flag through Isaac, but for the benefit of inventory (min. 26).

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The duel was lighting up with better passages and alternating current in both areas to the delight of the public and the media. A missile from Buben from 20 meters forced and demanded a great deal from defender Isaac to send a kick from the corner after half an hour and replied for Angelito’s team from Arroyo, but water (min. 33). The forces were equal and a distant shot from Enrique to the amphitheater closed the first sleeve. To refresh bodies and minds.

The same protagonists stepped on green and the fierce morala began to roar at the first change, although the first rejón was arroyano in a centrochut that Víctor sent over the crossbar (min. 49). A defensive dance from Arroyo allowed the moralo striker Buben to score his first goal after a stitched pass from Junior (min. 52). Genís warned in a cross without a recipient (min. 62) and the coach from Arroyo moved the bench to seek more mobility with Caballero. It was in vain. The Moralo players once again shook hard and in a fateful clearance by Miguel López the leather collided with Dani Ollero and tragedy with the 2-0 (min. 73). The verdiblanca house party was extended by who else, the ‘killer’ Buben, to sign his double and seal the ticket to the final for José Antonio Ruiz’s men.


Vincent; Genis (Juanpe, min. 70), Suso, Kupen, Juanan; Andoni (César, min. 78), Junior; Chele, Ben Hamed, David López (Abdul, min. 85); and Buben.

    1-0: Buben, min. 52. 2-0: Dani Ollero, own goal, min. 73. 3-0: Buben, min. 88.

    Menacho Gomez (Caceres). He admonished visitors Ismael and Jorge Caballero.

    Francisco de la Hera. 500 spectators. First semifinal of the territorial playoff for promotion to Second RFEF.

El Moralo beat Arroyo and will play the territorial final to continue dreaming of promotion to the Second RFEF. /


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