Friday, January 27

El Niño de las Monjas first big door

The Boy of the Nuns cut off two ears and opened the big door. The dream for a debut afternoon in Fallas. The Valencian asserted the decision above any other argument. He came to triumph and he triumphed, he got away with it. If we ask the bullfighters to love and love this Child of the Nuns, he did not stop wanting or give up his efforts and wanted and wanted and wanted until he reached the goal. So let no one deny him his right or his honor. Two ears, big door, mission accomplished. There will be time, it is hoped, for delicacies.

Álvaro Alarcón could achieve the same if the president had accounted for the popular demand that asked for an ear even when they were already dragging the fifth, but he turned a deaf ear and the boy was composed and devastated. And more of the same we would be talking about Perera, who failed with the tizona in his first one and took somersaults without regard and without being daunted, let’s say that in the old way when the lack of skill was compensated with decision. Nothing worrying, quite the opposite, if he did not have the alternative so close and in a square of such importance as Seville. He happened against a serious bullfight from El Pilar, with a good game in general and an excellent presentation, even excessive, on a cold and unpleasant afternoon that made everything more difficult. In short, if bullfighting were desire, enthusiasm, drive, courage, hunger for glory, more gorings than the stoppage… I would say that we were facing three figures but since bullfighting is that and much more, we will have to wait.

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The fair that was in its third chapter is not going badly, but it has not been able to free itself from the dependence on the damn thermometer that has insisted on testing the ability of bullfighting to convene and under four keys the ambient heat so necessary to enjoy a good afternoon of bulls Cold and wind is just a seventh in elusive shortfin mako that never gives up and so everything is more difficult.

The triumph of the Niño de las Monjas came after going to porta gayola first; prevail over the wind and the nerves; in not accounting for the volume of the opponents (his teammates did not pay attention to such a decisive question either); overcome the disconnections that frequently visited him in the two tasks; It was also key that he did not give up at any time; and effectively kill them both.

Álvaro Alarcón had the merit of overcoming a messy reception to his first one who was returned, a drink that would have sunk more than one morale. He immediately surpassed him in the hat and from his performance we must highlight his firmness. He is not a bullfighter that enters through the eyes because of his workmanship, but he is one of those who win your heart because of his value. Torero of established plants, of those that are not removed, more than aesthetics they envy the emotion that in the bullfighter is a bet that he usually has a prize. If they had measured him with the same yardstick as his partner, he would have gone on the shoulders of the costaleros. He justified the inclusion of him in the fair. From recommended to recommended.

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Manuel Perera was the most bullied and nothing was left behind. Another one who stood up, on his knees, for the civil and where he was needed. He seemed armored against somersaults, he charged them in a different style and form, nothing to deter him, he attacked and attacked again, coming with whom he came with, Cyclone Padilla, it couldn’t be any other way. He didn’t even look at himself when it was evident that he had a hoot in the sixth when he had already decided that he wasn’t going to go empty. He did it with the ear of the sixth.

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