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El ‘Pollo’ Carvajal creates a website where it will offer its version of the US accusations.




The former Venezuelan general Hugo ‘The Chicken’ Carvajal, detained in Madrid pending the resolution of his request for extradition to the United States, has created a web page where he seeks to tell his own version of what happens behind the doors of the Audiencia Nacional. This will not be a place where the sensitive documentation that has been provided to the judge of the Third Criminal Chamber of the National High Court will be dumped in some proceedings that are followed under summary secrecy. What it will offer, according to the sources consulted by ABC, is information on his discharge supported by resolutions such as the one that denied delivery to the US at first or the one that later gave the green light with the private vote against four magistrates.

The website titled «My truths» It will be available at 3:00 a.m. (9:00 p.m. Venezuela time). The announcement was made by Carvajal himself on his Twitter account: “More information is coming this way,” he wrote next to the web link. It is no coincidence that the web saw the light just one day later the information of the extradition of the figurehead of the Venezuelan presidential family, Alex Saab, to the United States from Cape Verde where he was detained for the last year and four months awaiting his extradition. For the moments, a timer with countdown fills the entire screen and announces that it is 15 hours away from launch.

Regarding the information that will be made public by the one who was Hugo Chávez’s intelligence chief for 15 years, tells ABC his lettera María Dolores de Argüelles that “my client’s intention is to talk about his case and the false accusations made to him. And since there has been so much misinformation by the media, he has decided to communicate things directly. The lawyer ensures that her client will not reveal sensitive information and that at all times «Has been reserved and serious about a process of judicial collaboration that is secret ».

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Carvajal’s family has been working on this project for months that, at the beginning, was going to see the light of day while he is still in hiding. The objective is to have a space where ‘El Pollo’ can present his own version of everything that happened in his case, from the reasons that led him to leave Venezuela and go to Spain to the accusations of the US justice system, which he considers to be they are false. The plan is to show, through his story and also with the different judicial and administrative decisions that he has been subjected to in Spain and the United States, that there have been “irregularities” against him.

For the former Venezuelan general, the entire claim process initiated by the United States, which requests it for drug trafficking in the context of the Cartel of the Suns, is an invention to be able to take him to his territory and under duress, to obtain information from the Maduro regime.

The defense appealed last week the rejection of the asylum application that Carvajal presented in 2019 and of which he had not been aware until last month. They are now awaiting a response to their appeal, which could be resolved in a matter of a month. The court that carries out the extradition has already left in writing that upon delivery, the only thing missing is the refusal of the Ministry of the Interior to approve the asylum.

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