Thursday, November 26

Elche adds and continues

Raúl Guti tries to take a ball against Melero

Raúl Guti tries to take a ball against Melero

The Elche CF continues to advance on its path to permanence and has achieved a valuable point against Levante, a direct rival. In addition, the 1-1 allows to maintain the distances with the granota team. The franjiverde managed to equalize in the second half, thanks to a goal from Tete Morente, in minute 63, the initial goal of Melero, which put the granotas ahead in the 12. The people of Elche have also managed to break their spell and for the first time this season, they manage to score after conceding first.

Faced with the loss due to Fidel’s injury, Almirón chose to change for the first time this season due to a system change and bet on a back four line. Barragan occupied the right side and Josema the left, being Gonzalo verdu Y Diego Rodriguez the centrals. Josan played more advanced on the right wing and Tete Morente on the left. Guti and Marcone, who helped in the exit of the ball from behind as if it were a center-back were in charge of building the game. Pears Milla delayed his position to create superiority in midfield and Lucas Boyé was alone upstairs.

At 12 minutes, when nothing had happened in the game, except a shot by Melero, who was poisoned after touching Diego González, which forced a good stretch from Edgar Badia, it was 1-0. In a closed corner kick, Melero finished head to point in the small area and advanced to the granotas.

Elche tried to react with the goal against, but barely arrived in danger to the area of Aitor Fernandez for the first 45 minutes. The only occasion was a shot by Raúl Guti from the edge of the area that the Levante goalkeeper deflected to a corner kick. Paco López’s team, in need of victory, did not risk with the score in their favor and at halftime the Valencian team had the minimum advantage.

At the beginning of the second half another Elche was seen. The franjiverdes took control of the game and had more patience when touching the ball. Josan had a forced auction and In the 63rd minute, a well-placed foul by Josema to the heart of the area finished off it by stretching Tete Morente’s leg and equalizing on the scoreboard.

With the draw, Levante was touched, but the people of Elche did not know how to take advantage of the bad moment of their rival. The match became more back and forth. Gonzalo Verdú had a header to establish the 1-2, but Aitor Fernández avoided it.

In the final stretch of the clash, Paco López played a card and made the five changes. Almirón only replaced Raúl Guti with Mfulu and Lucas Boyé with Guido Carrillo in the discount. The last minutes were agony and Edgar Badia saved the tie with a good shot from former green-green Sergio León. In the end, the distribution of points was the most fair.


LEVANTE: Aitor Fernández, Son, Postigo, Rubén Vezo (Duarte, m. 81), Clerc, Malsa, Melero (Radoja, m. 73), Campaña, De Frutos (Roger Martí, m. 73), Morales (Sergio León, m. 81) and Dani Gómez (Rochina, m. 68).

ELCHE: Edgar Badia, Barragán, Gonzalo Verdú, Diego González, Josema, Josan, Iván Marcone, Raúl Guti (Nuke Mfulu, m. 80), Tete Morente, Pere Milla and Lucas Boyé (Guido Carrillo, m. 91).

GOALS: 1-0 m. 12, Melero. 1-1 m. 63, Tete Morente.

REFEREE: Figueroa Vázquez, from the Andalusian school. He showed yellow cards to Lucas Boyé (m. 389; Clerc (m. 40), Tete Morente (m. 67), Diego González (m. 80) and Nuke Mfulu (m. 87)

STADIUM: City of Valencia. No audience.

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