Monday, November 29

Elche and the Consell sell a plot of land in Arenales at auction for 309,000 euros for a supermarket and flats

The plot, which went up for auction in June, allows for a buildable area of ​​918 meters, of which in the tender procedure it was established that about 600 have to be allocated to a tertiary area (shops) to serve the coastal area. The local executive points to the same in Arenales, after the demolition of the hotel, with the sale of this strategic plot, especially due to the demand for supermarkets. According to the spokesman, Héctor Díez, although there are 3,000 people registered there, around 10,000 people reside all year round and in the summer months it reaches a population close to 30,000 inhabitants.

The AR-1 sector of Arenales It is classified by the General Plan of 1998 (PG) as developable land with a Partial Plan and Reparcelling approved on April 26, 2004. At present, it is an area already urbanized and practically consolidated by construction. This sector expanded the residential urban land of the Arenales nucleus to the west and south, on which a lack of tertiary and commercial services for daily use has been detected, needs that are more pronounced in the summer months with the increase in population tourist season.

The City Council made public the detailed study of block M-11, which is the one that was auctioned, in 2019. The reparcelling approved in the AR-1 sector divided the M-11 block into three plots, one of which was awarded jointly to the Elche City Council together with the Generalitat Valenciana.

Higher hygiene

Cleaning schools, social centers and other public buildings in the city and districts it will be 700,000 euros more expensive next year to reinforce hygiene as it has been necessary since the outbreak of the pandemic. The local government board approved this Friday to tender one of the most expensive contracts of the City Council for a total price of 15.6 million euros at a rate of 3.1 euros per year, for a period of two years extendable for three more. It currently costs 2.4 million euros.

The contract will cover the vast majority of municipal agencies such as civic, social and youth centers, study halls, district schools and a score of urban centers, administrative buildings or municipal citizen service offices (OMAC). “We are all aware that the pandemic has marked a before and after in customer service; also in regard to hygiene, so the contract includes improvements that, although they were introduced by the pandemic, now we consider from the municipal government the need for many of them to stay because we have accepted them and the citizenship demand ”, defended the spokesman for the local executive, Héctor Díez, to justify the increase in costs. Among these improvements, the figure of “high contact” areas (cranks, handrails and toilets) is introduced, which will be cleaned daily.

Likewise, mid-morning cleaning in schools will not be limited to the patios and toilets of the same, but in the services of the entire building. In addition, social centers, libraries, museums, youth centers and study rooms will be cleaned six days a week, increasing by one more.

They allocate 80,000 euros to commerce and hospitality

PSOE and Compromís have approved the subsidies destined to associations of merchants and hoteliers for a total amount of 80,000 euros. Each of the grants will consist of a maximum of 8,000 euros, and will be allocated to digitization, communication actions and commercial stimulation. On the other hand, with another line of aid (Elx Emploa 2021) the City Council has allocated 200,000 euros to favor new hires in local companies, as well as the conversion of temporary contracts into permanent ones.

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