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Elche asks the Ministry for permission to cover the archaeological remains of the Market

Archaeological remains in the Central Market of Elche.

Archaeological remains in the Central Market of Elche.
Antonio Amorós

The Councilor for Urbanism, Ana Arabid, has announced that the Local Government Board has agreed to request again from the Territorial Directorate of Culture and Heritage to be able to proceed as soon as possible to the covering of the archaeological remains around the Central Market.

The objective of the Government Team is for the area to recover normality as soon as possible, since the current fence is harming merchants and neighbors.

Arabid recalled that this is the second time that the City Council has made this request to the General Directorate of Culture and Heritage. “The first request was rejected due to a problem of form, but even the General Directorate of Culture highlighted in its resolution the need to cover the remains. “This coupled with the fact that there is no mention of any defect in the coverage project presented by the municipal technicians since a procedure is already open to terminate the contract with Aparcisa (which would solve the aforementioned defect in form) leads us to the City Council to ask the Territorial Directorate the authorization for the immediate covering of the archaeological remains ”, indicated Arabid.

The mayor has ruled that “it is a very urgent action, since the state of the surroundings of the Central Market harms residents and merchants in the area. We ask that they authorize us to carry out the covering of the remains, since the conditions have varied greatly since the initial request was carried out and the aforementioned defect no longer occurs ”.

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Arabid trusts that the authorization of Culture will be fast since “the procedure is practically processed in its entirety. In other words, if this defect in form had not occurred, the formal coverage project would be authorized, since it has the approval of the Ministry technicians ”.

The Governing Board has authorized commercial establishments to display their products on the sidewalk in front of the facade of their business, exempting them from the public road occupancy rate. They can do it on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Mondays, the eve of holidays and also in times of special commercial incidence.

Regarding Culture and Festivals, the signing of the collaboration agreement with the board of the Misteri d’Elx is approved. The agreement is signed for a value of 123,750 euros, as in 2020, a year that increased by 12.5%.

In the area of ​​Inclusive Policies and Social Rights, the line of subsidies for associations of social interest has been approved, endowed with 8,000 euros. It aims to support social and non-profit organizations in paying the rent for their headquarters and in the different activities they carry out. The aid can be requested from the day after publication in the BOE within 30 days.

In addition, the Government Team Spokesperson, Héctor Díez, has highlighted other actions. In Budgetary matters, modification 5 of the 2021 budget has been approved for the approval of subsidies for the Elche City Council. In the first place, a grant of 49,005 euros from the General Directorate of Employment to impart the certificate of professionalism in management and maintenance of trees and palm trees through the Municipal Training Center. Second, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage receives a grant of 41,903 euros for the improvement and conservation of the palm grove route.

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Within the Public Procurement area, contracts have been awarded to continue developing the employment workshops and the purchase of an agricultural tractor for the brigade of districts of the Elche municipality has been awarded. It will carry out the clearing and other work in the camp d’Elx.

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