Sunday, May 16

Elche breaks recycling record with the pandemic

recycling container in Elche

recycling container in Elche

Elche has obtained the best recycling figures in 2020 since, in 2006, selective collection services have been provided. This was announced this morning by the Councilor for Cleaning, Héctor Díez, who stressed that, despite the current circumstances due to the pandemic, the recycling of paper and cardboard increased by 14%, which is 325 tons more than in years previous, and the collection of packaging increased by 13%, 276 more tons of waste collected properly separated.

These figures show according to the mayor of Cleaning, Héctor Díez, that there is more commitment and involvement on the part of the people of Elche, however, the city is still below the regional and national average.

The mayor has positively valued this data that show that there are more and more people from Elche who join in recycling in Elche. However, he stressed that there is still a long way to go. “The objective is not only to be a clean city but also to position Elche as a leader in recycling figures in the country as a whole”, has stressed Díez, who has assured that “for this to be possible the new cleaning contract will be a piece key code”.

As explained by the councilor, the new service will have environmental agents to make citizens aware of the importance of recycling and so that ignorance is not the excuse when it comes to acting. “We are going to visit all the educational centers, associations, and social centers to raise awareness with the population,” said Díez, who pointed out that “we believe that recycling is essential to be able to give a second life to this waste and above all to reduce the rejection that the vessels of the Els Cremats plant receive ”.

The councilor has advanced that from this summer the neighborhoods and districts will have 500 containers for paper and cardboard, 400 containers for packaging and the first 300 containers for organic selective collection in the municipality.

In addition, Díez explained that with this new contract the La Lonja eco-park will be fully rehabilitated to reconvert it and increase the amount of waste fractions that can be collected there. In turn, the council is making a significant effort to make it easy for citizens to manage this waste and, for this, 9 proximity clean points will be implemented that will be installed in the main districts with an urban nucleus and in the neighborhoods. Four mobile mini ecoparks will also be installed, which will be placed on an itinerant basis in the markets for non-sedentary sales and at the doors of the municipal food markets.

Likewise, Elche will enable another new mobile clean point, in addition to the current one, which will allow to travel with better frequencies all the districts and neighborhoods so that citizens have this service as close as possible.

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