Monday, October 25

Elche carries out the remodeling of the Torrellano sports center

Visit to the works of Torrellano.

Visit to the works of Torrellano.

The Elche City Council is carrying out a profound remodeling of the Isabel Fernández de Torrellano Sports Center, an action that is part of the Plan for the improvement and modernization of municipal sports facilities. The Mayor of Elche, Carlos González, and the Councilor for Sports and Pedanías, Vicente Alberola, have visited this sports center this morning in which they are investing more than 420.000 euros.

As explained by the mayor, about 250,000 euros have been allocated to the urbanization of the sports center with the creation of an area of calisthenics and another of parkour and in the coming days the replacement of the artificial grass from the soccer field, with a budget of 170,000 euros.

“The scope of action of this work is 8,000 m2 and the project has consisted of urbanizing the exterior surfaces of the sports center, to solve the problem of water evacuation”, explained González who added that “a pavement of concrete with the appropriate slope for the collection and evacuation of water through 3 gutters. The rest of the surfaces have been finished with compacted albero sand to avoid the formation of mud and garden areas ”.

Landscaping has also been carried out with the planting of new woodland and benches, wastebaskets and new lighting have been placed. Along with all this, two areas have been installed, one for calisthenics with horizontal and vertical bars and another area for parkour made up of concrete blocks and walls for the practice of this sport, both areas with rubber flooring for protection against falls.

The action is part of the 2020-23 improvement and modernization plan for the Elche districts, which revolves around four axes: the improvement of public services, the improvement and modernization of public space, the creation and rehabilitation of collective facilities and the provision of communication infrastructures.


In addition to the performance in Torrellano, the conversion of the soccer field of La Hoya on an artificial turf field and the modernization of the sports facilities of The Altet. Two important actions will also be carried out, one in La Marina with the remodeling of the sports facility and solving some problems in the pavilion, and also in the short term, Las Bayas will be acted with a new artificial turf field.

New infrastructures

The mayor has indicated that in addition to the million euros that is being invested in the improvement of sports infrastructures in the districts, there are other actions underway in the city, among which the creation of the future Palacio de los Deportes together with L’Aljub stands out. more than 7 million euros of budget. Artificial grass will also be placed on the Altabix-Ciudad Deportiva soccer field and a comprehensive reform of the Carrús Sports Center will be carried out (544,000 euros).

“Ultimately, we have a plan to remodel and improve the sports facilities in the city that runs through the neighborhoods and districts,” said the mayor who added that “this has two dimensions, on the one hand we act on sport , since this Government team considers it important to favor the conditions in which sports practice is carried out, something fundamental to improve the quality of life, and, on the other hand, there is an economic aspect that we cannot lose sight of, since that every time the City Council carries out an action of this type, there are large investments that are a dynamic element of the economy and job creation ”.

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