Thursday, May 26

Elche CF: A dilemma to replace Guti

The Zaragoza midfielder is the player on the squad who has played the most minutes this season. He has played 35 of the 34 league avoids. He has started in 31 and only ran out of minutes in the first round clash against Osasuna. Guti has enjoyed the full confidence of both Almirón and Escribá and is being one of the most prominent players this season.

Now he will not be able to be in the most important game of the course and the Valencian coach must find a replacement. Escribá has four alternatives: Fidel, Víctor Rodríguez, Nuke Mfulu and Iván Marcone.

Fidel played in that position after the expulsion of Raúl Guti in San Sebastián, leaving his position on the left wing to Pere Milla and Lucas Boyé was left alone. The Huelva winger has already played in a similar position this season, especially in Almirón’s stage, who used him more as a midfielder than as a pure winger. In addition, if Fidel is elected, Escribá could bet on the attacking duo: Lucas Boyé and Guido Carrillo and move Pere Milla to the left, where the Catalan has also played many times.

The natural substitute for the young Aragonese soccer player would be Víctor Rodríguez. But the Catalan player has had very few opportunities this season. Neither Almirón nor Escribá, despite the fact that he already had it in his previous stage on the Elche bench, have trusted Víctor. So it seems difficult for him to start in such a momentous meeting. However, the Barcelona midfielder has enough experience to face this type of encounter.

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Another possibility is to bet on two midfielders with more defensive characteristics, such as Iván Marcone and Nuke Mfulu. Even the African has also performed more advanced functions on occasion, both this season and the previous one. If he chooses that pair of midfielders, Elche will lose creativity and would have to bet more on direct play. Being a game in which the franjiverdes are forced to win and risk, it raises doubts that Escribá opts for that option, although, at no time, it is ruled out.

Lucas Boyé and Guido Carrillo

The other question in the starting eleven is to know if the E coachlche will bet on two center forwards such as Lucas Boyé and Guido Carrillo. Upon his arrival, Escribá trusted the two Argentine attackers and gave him a good performance. Carrillo already took filming in the second half against Real Sociedad and is in conditions to leave initially.

The problem is that if the game gets complicated, he would be left without a born striker to try to change the result. But it is a final and there is nothing to reserve.

Who is practically ruled out is Johan Mojica. The Colombian, except for surprising evolution in today’s training, will have to wait at least one more week to reappear. Josema, who did not play in San Sebastián, aims to be chosen, although it is not ruled out that Helibelton Palacios will continue, who did not do it on the left against Real.

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