Thursday, April 15

Elche City Council begins the selection process to cover the management of Espais Verds

Garden maintenance in Elche.

Garden maintenance in Elche.
Matías Segarra

The councilor of Parks and gardens, Héctor Díez, has announced that the selection process will begin to hire a manager for the municipal company Espais Verds d’Elx. Díez has clarified that this selection process will be processed through Works and the objective of this call is to hire a person who adds the managerial tasks.

Espais Verds is a company with one hundred percent municipal capital that is constituted as a special employment center and has assumed the functions of maintaining such important areas as the Carrús neighborhood or municipal cemeteries. It handles an annual budget of about 900,000 euros and has 40 workers.

“Its constitution as a special employment center makes it a very special company for the City Council, for this reason we want it to continue growing”, said the mayor who added that “Green Spaces it fulfills an essential function, such as providing job opportunities in Elche to people with disabilities ”.

“With the selection process that is now underway, the government team intends to fill the managerial position in order to provide Espais Verds with the necessary personnel to continue performing its functions, adapt to current regulations and continue to advance as emodern, efficient company that continues to grow doing the magnificent work that it does with the maintenance of the green areas of our city ”, Díez has indicated.

According to the rules, women and men who are in possession of the college degree from: degree in Law, Business Management and Administration, Economics, Labor Relations or Human Resources. It will also be necessary to be 16 years old and registered with the Labora as a job seeker or as a job improvement seeker.

From today there will be 20 days For interested persons to contact Labora to verify that they are correctly registered.

The mayor has explained that Labora will make a preselection of 20 people which will be sent to the City Council and a selection committee made up of officials from different areas will choose the candidate.

Professional experience will be valued in business management and social skills with staff of functional diversity. “The fact that they are a person with a recognized physical disability will also be taken into account and in the event of a tie regarding the selection, the tiebreaker criteria will be the percentage of disability and undervalued gender within the company. which is the feminine.

“The municipal company Espais Verds intends to fill the management position as soon as possible in order to continue consolidating itself as a draft necessary in Elche that contributes to the labor insertion of people with disabilities and also to improve the maintenance of the green areas of the city ”.

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