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Elche closes 2020 with 27,154 unemployed

Unemployment rises in December in the Community with 4,030 more unemployed and reaches 437,701

Unemployment rises in December in the Community with 4,030 more unemployed and reaches 437,701

More than 34,000 people are unemployed in the Baix Vinalopó region after the end of 2020, in a statement sent by the UGT that reflects official data. By municipalities, Elche has 27,154, and in the last month 40 more have been added. At Crevillent it descended on 20 unemployed during December to close the year with 3,627; While in Santa Pola it also fell, although only by eight people, to close 2020 at 3,314. In the Community, unemployment rose by 4,030 more unemployed and now reaches 437,701

The data, offered by the Valencian employment service (LABORA), to the UGT-Unión Comarcal Muntanya-Vinalopo-Vega Baja, allows them to negatively assess these figures and justify them in part, “due to the health situation we are going through , since health and economy go hand in hand more than ever, as we have verified with each of the waves of contagion. good performance of the economy only occurs when there is safety and guarantees in health “, explains the regional secretary Ismael Senén.

This month of December female unemployment decreased in 66 women less and the masculine increases in 72 standing more. In this way, female unemployment stands at an unemployment rate of 20.317 unemployed, the male rate being even lower with 13.778 unemployed. With these data the labor gap that continues to exist between men and women is revealed. From the UGT we continue fighting so that the inequality between the two genders is lower and that the wage gap decreases and becomes a reality.

If we analyze the municipalities, Crevillente descends on 22 fewer unemployed this month and places the unemployment rate at 3.627 unemployed. Follow him Santa Pola with a small decrease of 8 fewer unemployed and an unemployment rate of 3.314. The same does not happen with Elche, which increases its unemployment rate by 40 more people and places it at 27.154 parad @ s.


By sectors, registered unemployment is reduced in industry and services with 35 and 28 fewer people, however, unemployment has increased in agriculture with 27 more unemployed, construction with 30 more unemployed and in the group without previous employment it also produces an increase in unemployment in 16 more people.

In this sense, UGT warns of the endemic fragility of our labor market. In Spain, the pandemic has revealed to us, in all starkness, that the society created during the years of the crisis and which remained intact in the years of recovery is a precarious society, without health resources, without its own industrial resources, with a The labor market was so fragile that he could see half of it volatilizing from one day to the next. New protection regulations for companies and workers, new financing channels, new ways of working, new ways of producing and marketing had to be quickly improvised. .

UGT considers that it is the opportune moment to undertake the change of the productive, labor, fiscal and social model, capable of combining the dynamization of productivity, innovation and knowledge with the generation of decent jobs, decent wages, improvements in social welfare and respect for the environment; a model that guarantees economic efficiency, social equity, ecological sustainability and global solidarity.

Finally, and given the advance of the pandemic this Christmas, UGT calls on society to adopt all possible measures to preserve health and avoid a further deterioration of the economy and employment.

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