Monday, October 25

Elche commemorates the world day in the fight against cancer

The president of the province of the AECC, Fermín Crespo, in today's ceremony at the Elche City Hall, together with the mayor, Carlos González

The president of the province of the AECC, Fermín Crespo, in today’s ceremony at the Elche City Hall, together with the mayor, Carlos González

The City Council of Elche has joined the World Day Against Cancer this morning with the reading of a manifesto and the viewing of a video. An act that took place this morning in the Plenary Hall and was attended by the mayor, Carlos González, the councilor for Health, Mariola Galiana, the president of the Alicante provincial board of AECC, Fermín Crespo, the psychologist of the Provincial Board of the association, Gemma Penalvert, the managers of the General Hospital, Carlos Gosálbez, and of the Vinalopó University, Rafael Carrasco, as well as the president of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, Álvaro Rodríguez Lescure, the head of the Hospital’s Psychiatry section General, Jose Vicente Baeza, the manager of the IMED hospital, Enrique Ibáñez, and the medical director of IMED, Miguel Peris.

In addition, members of the Government Team and the Municipal Corporation have also been present. The manifesto read by Crespo points out that “to avoid inequities a great Agreement Against Cancer with which we add strength is necessarys so that we all have an equal chance to avoid disease, live with it and access the results of the advances that are produced in the different fields of research ”.

The manifesto itself also highlights “the importance of aspiring to a greater equity in access to results of cancer research for which it is essential to double the investment until reaching the 3,000 million euros in 2030. An amount that will allow advances in the treatments of all types of cancer and improvements in the chances of survival and in the quality of life of those who suffer from it ”.

Attendees of the act of claim against cancer, today in the City of Elche

For his part, González took the opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge the great work of the association’s board of directors and the great involvement of volunteers and partners with society.

“The association is really relevant for the health system and especially for family members,” said the councilor from Elche, who encouraged them to continue with this path and stressed that “I am convinced that the organization is in good hands and that the coming years you will contribute a lot to that common goal of the fight against cancer ”.

In addition, González has stressed that “there are matters of society in which we all have to pitch in and, of course, the City Council will be involved in joining forces in the fight against cancer.” “Count on our willingness to cooperate and with our desire to help in that agreement in which we all have to participate so that it serves as support to the affected people ”, said the mayor

Also, González wanted to send a message of encouragement and affection to cancer patients and their families in order to get out of this difficult personal and health situation.

Galiana has also warned that this disease continues to be the second cause of mortality in the world. In Spain, it is estimated that in 2021 more than 276,000 cases will be reached. Given these figures, the mayor has stressed the need to guarantee assistance, diagnosis and early detection, as well as psychological support for the sick and their families. He also recalled the great challenge of the pandemic that is causing delays in the research and treatment of cancer and other pathologies. For this reason, the mayor recalled the importance of collaborating with initiatives aimed at fighting the disease and thanked the essential work carried out by organizations such as the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Consistory the Molí del Real will also light up green.

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