Thursday, October 28

Elche completes the perimeter cycling circuit with the new bike lane on Ramón Pastor avenue

Yesterday, a cyclist passed through the new section of the Elche bike path that was inaugurated on Ramón Pastor avenue.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

Yesterday, a cyclist passed through the new section of the Elche bike path that was inaugurated on Ramón Pastor avenue. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The bike path does not stop growing in Elche as a clear commitment of the government team for sustainable mobility. The perimeter cycling circuit of the city was officially completed yesterday with the inauguration of the section corresponding to the Ramón Pastor avenue, a very important intervention for the urban area thanks to the connection it offers between Avenida de la Libertad and the Circunvalación Sur. The new work will allow communication through alternative transport in a strategic area of ​​the city, since it encompasses important commercial and leisure areas, as well as educational facilities, including the Vicente Verdú Institute, which is currently under construction.

The section corresponding to Ramón Pastor avenue has a length of 2.4 kilometers, It has been financed with 294,756 euros, partly from European Edusi funds, and is part of the Municipal Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. These 2.4 kilometers are added to the Elche cycle lane circuit, which now exceeds 26 kilometers. The purpose of this project, one of the most ambitious of the government team, is to promote the use of alternative transport, reduce the emission of gases from the use of motor vehicles and change behavior habits to achieve a more livable city. All of this adds up to reducing pollution and achieving a better position in the Elx 2030 strategy, which seeks to ensure that Elche is declared a “European Green City”.

The mayor and councilors Felip Sànchez and Esther Díez ride bikes yesterday during the inauguration. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The inauguration of the section yesterday on Ramón Pastor avenue was attended by the mayor, Carlos González, and the mayor Esther Díez. The head of the municipal area of ​​Sustainable Mobility highlighted the “determined commitment of the government team to the bike lane” with the aim of reducing polluting emissions in the city, which come from private cars by 80%. “The only way to end this problem is by changing the mode of travel and for this it is necessary to have a safe bike lane, segregated from traffic and that encourages people to use it,” added Mayor Díez.

For his part, the mayor wanted to highlight the «Connection of strategic spaces» that is achieved with the new section. “The mobility pattern in medium and large cities in Spain and Europe is changing and the pandemic has accelerated that change. Our city must join the new dynamics and with infrastructures of this nature we assume the criteria of sustainable mobility ”, stated González.

Circulation through Elche will continue to undergo changes during the current mandate, with projects that have to see the light in the next three years. The layout of the bike lane will be completed with works in the Sector V, Altabix and Carrús neighborhoods, in which an investment of more than one million euros is planned to create new sections. Among the next planned actions are the connections to the General Hospital and the Sports City.

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