Wednesday, October 20

Elche falls on the return of the Festa (1-2)

The first half did not seem like a preseason game, due to the fun and good level of Elche against a rival who, yes, went from less to more. Two and a half months after the last match at Martínez Valero against Athletic, The eleven that the Elche team put into the fray could have been almost the same as one of the last days of the League, with the only new face of Pedro Bigas.

And the best was a hyperactive one Lucas Boyé, who was almost in all the dangerous actions of his own, either at the auction or assisting a partner. In his first 45 minutes he only lacked the goal, which he brushed twice, with a cross shot from the right after a good deep pass from Raúl Guti and with a hard shot from the left that Cárdenas repelled.

In addition to his chances, Boyé also participated in the first offensive skirmish of the match, with an opening on the wing to Josan. The crevillentino crossed low and Fidel’s shot saved him between the Levante goal and the post. Boyé’s show continued with a grand opening to Fidel with the exterior and with an assist to Pere Milla, whose auction was stopped again by Cárdenas.

Among so many occasions for Elche, to which one could add one from Raúl Guti, who wanted to adjust his shot so much that it went off brushing the post, Levante stretched out and created little danger, but of course. First with two practically continuous actions that hit the stick (a clearance by Bigas and a shot by Soldier) and then with a good individual action by Dani Gómez that Edgar safely stopped.

After the break, Escribá changed the axis of his defensive system, which happened to be formed by Casilla, Diego and Roco. Elche felt bad the break and shortly after the restart he was behind on the scoreboard. In an action on the left, the “granotas” overcame the franjiverde rear too easily and Melero scored with a shot at pleasure from the penalty spot, to the center of Soldado.

As so often happens, when Elche (and Boyé) seemed worse, the goal of the tie arrived, the Argentine’s work. The “9” franjiverde received with too much space in the front of the area and defined wonderfully, this time yes, kissing the rival network. The equalizer seemed to spur on the locals and, in turn, lethargy a Levante that returned to its initial problems of creating a game. In addition to reactivating a confident Boyé who even tried a Chilean, well executed but who ran into a defender.

Bardhi was in charge of reviving his team, with a shot from outside the area, a mark of the house, which found a better response in the clearance of Casilla. Again a break, this time for the second hydration, he again disconnected Elche, since just upon his return, Morales scored 1-2, in a new defensive action that left much to be desired by the franjiverde.

With ten minutes to go, Escribá’s men could no longer react, except with a high shot from John and a last chance from Fidel, and Levante was proclaimed champion of the LX edition of the Festa d’Elx Trophy, just as it did in the first one more than half a century ago.

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