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Elche is shipwrecked in Vallecas

Everything turned upside down. Lucas Boyé advanced to Elche at 13 minutes. It seemed that it was going to be the day and that the franjiverdes were going to blow up the Vallecas fort, where Rayo counted all their games in this league by goals.

But that was just a mirage. The franjiverde team wrecked worryingly. Nor the technician Fran ScribeWith his approach, not even the players on the pitch could read the game. They did not know how to play with the advantage on the scoreboard and were totally overwhelmed by the bands, where Álvaro García and Isi Palazón made a mess; and by the greater intensity and pressure of the vallecanos.

Output, Fran Scribe raised the meeting based on the game of Rayo. He bet on muscle and height to try to stop the direct and vertical game of his rival. The Valencian coach made up to six changes with respect to the starting eleven that he played and won the previous match against Celta. Too many.

Rayo Vallecano forward Sergi Guardiola shoots on goal in the face of opposition from Pablo Piatti and Omar Mascarell. | JJ GUILLÉN

It practically changed the defense. He left international Mojica and Roco on the bench. Something that may be understandable due to his fatigue after the return of his national teams. Located Helibelton Palacios en the right side to cover Álvaro and he did not succeed. Mainly because he did not have the help of Piatti, who was the other novelty on the far right. The Rayista winger, along with his side Fran García, made him a two against one on many occasions.

In the center of defense he opted for Pedro Bigas, after his rapid recovery, as a companion to Gonzalo Verdú. The Spaniard had no major failures, but the inactivity of a month without playing and in action was noted from 2-1 of Nteka He could have overtaken the French striker more.

Josema played as a left back. Although he usually complies, he is not Mojica and Isi Palazón also created many problems for him.

The biggest surprise was in the center of the field, where he lined up Gumbau, instead of Raúl Guti, along with Mascarell forming a double pivot with defensive characteristics, which prevented him from having more possession and circulation of the ball.

And in attack he bet on the duo Boyé-Benedetto relegating Lucas Pérez to the bench, despite the fact that the Galician was highly motivated on his return to Vallecas. Benedetto barely appeared, even wasted a good opportunity and the exit in the second half of Lucas Pérez was noticed.

Elche is shipwrecked in Vallecas

The first half was intense, frenetic and with exchanges of blows. Elche struck the first with Boyé’s goal, which was a great personal move, which could not finish with his left leg, the good one, but he did finish with the right, surprising Dimistrievski (0-1 m.13)

But the joy lasted very little and the franjiverdes did not know how to play with the advantage on the scoreboard and with the anxiety of Rayo. Mario Hernández, who made his debut in the First Division, took advantage of an imbalance in the defense of the Elche team, beat Josema’s back, who was watching Isi, and scored the tie (1-1 m. 25).

The crash continued to be a give and take. Fidel was able to score an Olympic goal on a corner kick. Mario Hernandez did not finish finding Sergi Guardiola in another addition to the attack of the rayista side. Comesaña also had 2-1 and Benedetto 1-2 after a good triangulation with Lucas Boyé and Fidel, in the best franjiverde play. The break was reached with some tables on the scoreboard, which could even be considered fair.

Debacle after the break

However, in the second half came the debacle. Elche never found the way. He went far behind under the pressure of Rayo and the Vallecanos dominated the game completely. A cross from Fran García who walked through the area and a shot from Saveljilch that Kiko Casillas stopped could end in a goal.

It was clear that the Elche group needed changes such as eating. And Escribá, in the 64th minute, was right by knocking Josan out for Piatti to further help Hilibelton Palacios; to Guti to try to regain control of the midfield; and Lucas Pérez for a disappeared Benedetto. They even had to leave earlier and Mojica could also have left for Josema to fix the left wing.

But those good intentions were ruined a minute later. Nteka, who had also just left, took advantage of another misalignment of the defense, no one squeezed him and when he reached the front of the area he hooked a shot that slipped tight to the post. Kiko casillas He was also able to do more.

From there, the meeting was over. Elche was lost and Rayo knew how to play with the times, stopping the game and letting time run. The franjiverde’s first shot on goal in the second half came in the 78th minute with a long shot from Mascarell. Escribá played it with Mojica and Guido Carrillo for Fidel, placing Lucas Pérez on the left wing.

In the absence of football, Elche, at least had pride and a final arreón in which he could tie. First with a header by Carrillo and in the 96th minute, in a good action by Josan on the right wing, whose center was finished off with difficulty by Lucas Pérez and went over the crossbar.

In between, Rayo also had the third in a failure in an exit of Kiko Casilla, who was about to take advantage of Unai López.

The French-green reaction came too late, Escribá’s team had no identity at any time and gave many facilities in defense. Fair defeat. There are many things to reflect on and improve, because this is the First Division.

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