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Elche prioritizes finishing the Ronda Sur and connecting the A-7 with the business park

The Ronda Sur bridge, where the execution of the second phase is pending.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

The Ronda Sur bridge, where the execution of the second phase is pending. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The City Council of Elche has opened a period for the social council of Elche to make its contributions to the Infrastructure Plan that it wants to take to the Ministry of Development and the Generalitat Valenciana to claim investments in the municipal term. This plan was presented last Thursday to the representatives of the social council, where it was submitted for debate before it is completed and approved by the municipal plenary session with the contributions that can be made during the remainder of the year. Within this debate, as explained by the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, a series of priorities were established, which are the projects that the social council as a whole considers priority, for the development of the city. The most urgent issue to address after this first contact is the completion of the South Round, which the Ministry of Development plans to undertake.

Carlos González explained yesterday that “the completion of the South Round has been considered an essential action”, and it will be one of the first infrastructures that the City Council will claim from the State with the intention that the tender for its works will be launched during 2021. More than five years have passed since the first phase of the project was inaugurated, and for the social council, the time has come to go to Madrid to demand the completion of the project from the State, which could be a solution to the traffic jams that daily they are registered in the roundabout of l’Aljub. The execution of this project would also mean completing the entire bypass of the city.

However, the Ronda Sur is not the only project that the social council considered a priority to attend to. In this list of projects, an action that the business sector has been demanding for years also has a preferential place. It is, said the mayor, “the direct connection of Elche Parque Empresarial with the highway, so that companies gain competitiveness.”

Another request from the representatives of the social council of Elche is the release of the toll road that connects Elche with Campello, and that could release the A-7, which is highly congested due to the volume of traffic it currently absorbs.

The representatives of the social council also considered it important to continue claiming other railway projects, such as the arrival of the High Speed ​​to Elche, with the start-up of the Matola station, as well as its connection with the Cercanías network with the city. The connection of the Cercanías train with the airport is another project marked as important for the interests of the city.

General plan

The social council meeting also served for the government team to present the consultation prior to the preparation of the new General Plan for Urban Planning of Elche. This point aroused interest and debate among the members of the representative body, who were in favor of undertaking the revision of the plan in order for the city to have a new urban planning instrument.

Among the ideas that the social council put on the table, as the mayor of Elche explained yesterday, are the need to consolidate the economic and industrial leadership of Elche, for which it is considered necessary to expand the area of ​​industrial land. Among the government team’s plans, in this regard, is to undertake new expansions in Elche Parque Empresarial and develop a new business area with the Porta d’Elx project.

The need to modernize the oldest neighborhoods in the city was also addressed within the social council, among which on this occasion is the historic center, which is to be built with a new urban framework that makes urban regeneration possible.

Finally, it was indicated the need for the new General Plan to serve to correct the urban inequalities that have occurred in Elche during the last 40 years due to the growth of the city and the districts.

In search of the greatest consensus for the 2021 budget

The government team has presented to the social council the municipal budget for 2021, which amounts to 239 million euros. Carlos González said that these are accounts with a marked investor character to face the crisis, and urged the members of the social council and the municipal opposition groups to make contributions, to approve them on December 21 with the “greatest consensus possible”.

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