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Elche – Real Madrid: Vinicius was also Benzema | sports

Without Benzema, life could be wonderful for Elche. But today Vinicius, the player of the Spanish course, weighs as never before, a footballer who has taken one of the cliches of football with a stroke of the pen. The goal does not always come from the cradle. Vinicius landed from the planet of the Brazilian dribblers of a lifetime. He lacked being a clinician in front of the goal. The goal was an ordeal for him. But the kid metabolizes optimism to the bone.



Casilla, Enzo Roco, Bigas, Mojica, Helibelton Palacios, Raúl Guti, Fidel (Pere Milla, min. 80), Lucas Pérez (Benedetto, min. 70), Omar Mascarell (Marcone, min. 80), Lucas Boyé (Tete Morente , min. 80) and Pastore (Gumbau, min. 70)


Real Madrid

Courtois, Alaba, Eder Militao, Lucas Vázquez (Dani Carvajal, min. 64), Marcelo (Ferland Mendy, min. 65), Casemiro, Kroos, Modric (Camavinga, min. 83), Vinicius Junior (Hazard, min. 84) , Mariano and Rodrygo (Marco Asensio, min. 17)

Goals 0-1 min. 21: Vinicius Junior. 0-2 min. 72: Vinicius Junior. 1-2 min. 85: Pere Milla.

Referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea

Yellow cards Raúl Guti (min. 7)

Red cards Raúl Guti (min. 62)

Today, after many torments, after as many dictations from the school of Benzema and Ancelotti, he is a privileged son of the goal. Two added in Elche. And with a different repertoire: one left-handed, another with a mincemeat on the right. Both on the run, which multiplies the requirement for terminal resolution. This Vinicius every day improves Vinicius: there are seven goals in the League and two in the Champions League. All beatitudes for that footballer who aroused so much skepticism in the parish and now, with his perpetual smile, is a hymn to happiness.

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From Vinicius to Vinicius, Madrid played several games. He came out bossy, with Elche compressed and had a prize. Ancelotti left Benzema on the couch and skipped the steps of Hazard, Asensio – a carry-over from the soon-injured Rodrygo – and Jovic. He rescued Mariano from the catacombs, who had not played a second since May 22. In football, since the Pleistocene.

Mariano, with Hazard, supposedly patrician, again out of the picture until the final minutes of Vinicius’ water carrier, he replied. From the outset, he catalyzed the first goal. Mojica derailed at the start and led to a billiard play: tick, tock, tock. Three devilish touches. Casemiro plugged Mariano, he, with a cue, put Vinicius into orbit, who crossed the shot before Kiko Casilla. Shortly after, Mariano, the unexpected and cornered Mariano, took the chain out of Bigas, sat Casilla on his ass and the shot went to the side of the net. There the Real opened a parenthesis.

The goal is not always well digested by the winner. It happened to Madrid, which became more lazy, wrapped up warm and left the script circumscribed to some against. In other words, subject to Vinicius’s kite. Then Escrivá’s team grew, with the loose verses of Pastore, a clairvoyant and panoramic player but with little physical lining, Fidel’s silky left-handedness and the constant chest C of Lucas Boyé, a dentist for Militão and Alaba, from whom he demanded a great time. Alaba was won by a melee assault that Pastore brightened with a spur pass to Lucas Pérez, a miss with that right hand that does not tame as well as his natural left foot. Elche went and went, especially along the route of Mojica and Fidel and carried everything and against all of Boyé.

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With Vinicius as the flag and Boyé exhausted, the equal first act concluded. The balance was broken within the hour. Madrid, with more freshness and determination after the truce, increased the march with the traffic of Modric and Kroos. The team from Elche did not resign, always in front, but Raúl Guti overstepped the brakes and overwhelmed Kroos. Second card and conviction. At times, the Elche sounded. Ancelotti turned to the sides, with Carvajal and Mendy for Lucas and Marcelo, and Real, in superiority, took flight.

An assist from Modric à lo Modric for Vinicius was the prelude to the 0-2. So euphoric are the Brazilian’s days that without hesitation he opened gas inside the area, left Bigas in the gutter and headed for Casilla with a touch that seemed too long. But nothing is utopian for the Vinicius of these days. The boy arrived in time to nibble the ball delicately over the local goalkeeper. Surely, Casilla, like all the spectators, in Elche and in any corner of the world, assumed that the Madrid winger would not finish the play. This Vinicius contradicts anyone.

Final anguish

The threat of Vinicius and Mariano’s meaningful battle had Elche at the feet of Kroos and Modric. All the wind in favor of Madrid with his apparently brittle opponent, lower on the scoreboard, with ten and waning time. Ancelotti gave Vinicius and Modric oxygen and gave Camavinga and Hazard reel, today the Belgian postponed to gregarious tasks.

In addition, Mariano, in a counterattack, did not give him ball when the ex of Chelsea entered without arrests by the center of the area. Mariano, like the Hazard of these times, is also a worthy man.

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The curtain fell without major shocks when Casemiro fumbled a pass. Benedetto intercepted the ball with a head and Pere Milla beat Courtois. There were a few minutes left and football has unthinkable winks. Not this time for Madrid, on guard in the last section. He managed to save the booty of Vinicius and sang the three points. And maybe something else. Ancelotti may win over Mariano for the cause and may bring the time for Hazard to reconsider. Vinicius already did it a long time ago and it is going great for him. In Elche, it was even Benzema.

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