Thursday, November 26

Elche releases the land it reserved fifteen years ago for 2,100 VPO flats

The northern area of ​​Elche where the E-48 sector is located.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

The northern area of ​​Elche where the E-48 sector is located. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The Elche City Council has freed the soil from the sector E-48, in the northern part of the urban nucleus of Elche, by Altabix, to facilitate its development with the new General Urban Planning Plan, which is going to begin to take shape, once the previous step of public consultation has been completed.

The step that the government team has taken in this regard is to annul the agreement that the council signed with the Valencian Housing Institute (IVVSA), currently disappeared, in 2005, by which this body of the Generalitat Valenciana was to take charge of the development of this new urban area, in order to locate social housing in it on municipal land in Elche.

The intention of the Elche City Council is open this area of ​​584,000 square meters to new projects, given, as explained by the spokesman for the government team, Héctor Díez, that the IVVSA no longer exists, and that the successive reconversion of the same in other organizations has not made it possible to comply with the urban development agreement that was signed in 2005, fifteen years ago .

After the signing of the agreement between the IVVSA and the City Council, in 2005, an economic crisis arrived that paralyzed the development of the area, and in 2011, with the popular Mercedes Alonso as Mayor of Elche, they tried to relaunch the project without success.

Then the intention was to enable the construction of a total of 3,974 homes, of which about 2,100 would be officially protected. However, the agreement was not executed either since a year later, in 2012, the Consell began the procedures to close the Valencian Housing Institute, as it also did with other public companies such as Ciegsa.

For this reason, and given that Elche is facing the management of a new General Urban Planning Plan, the City Council has considered it appropriate to turn the page, and resolve the 2005 agreement by which the City Council set the land for social housing and IVVSA was in charge of executing the plan. The intention is to favor the development of this area, close to the E-21 sector, which is now under development, and together with the E-1 and E-20 sectors, which are already developed.

Sector E-48 is an area of ​​584,932 square meters located north of the urban center of Elche, between the Camino de Castilla, the San Antón ravine and sectors E-1 and E-20, and where the construction of 3,974 homes was initially planned, of which 2,100 would be officially protected.

The IVVSA project included land on the left bank of the Vinalopó river, the purpose of which is to complement the primary network of public endowments destined for the green zone. The planning proposal entailed the creation of new accesses and expansion of the existing ones to allow the adequate connection and extension of the plot to the north.

Without effect

Now it will start from scratch, in order to facilitate the development of this urban area without the burden of the agreement with the IVVSA that was never executed. The mayor Héctor Díez explained that the resolution of the agreement with the IVVSA was approved during one of the last government meetings, so that the area is free when it comes to rethinking the new General Plan for Urban Planning, which is in the public consultation prior to the start of its processing.

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